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Yoga Body Boot Camp Newbie!

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Last night after supper, I was cleaning up and checking Facebook when I saw my friend Anne’s post, asking if anyone wanted to go to Yoga Body Boot Camp with her. I had talked with her other times about wanting to try out Yoga, but I hadn’t been able to make it work out with my husband’s work schedule. Tonight, he happened to be home, so I said, I’ll go! What do I need? Her reply was flip flops, tank top, shorts, water and a hand towel. I scrambled to grab everything since, I swear, she was in my driveway before I put my phone down!

We headed over to Midwest Power Yoga in Sheboygan Falls, WI. It is a donation based Yoga studio that offers various classes at all levels of experience. Tonight happened to be the Yoga Body Boot Camp. There was a guest instructor for the night, Jo who came from Wausau. Everyone was so welcoming!

The room was dimly lit and heated up. We walked in to scope out the “stations”. There were 8 stations with labels on the floor stating different exercises. I had no idea what any of these moves were. I had never done Yoga before, at all….ever. Anne picked a station for us to start and we sat down to claim our place. She explained to me we were going to do each station for 45 seconds, then switch to the next station. We would move through the stations until we had done each one 4 times.

We all did a run through of the stations, so we all knew what the moves and poses were supposed to be. Next we started to warm up. Anne was super helpful directing me when I was a little unsure. Pretty soon, I had those moves down!

yoga yoga3

We were about 3 stations in and I started sweating. I’m a regular exerciser, so I was pretty shocked at how quickly I was feeling the burn! I found I really did need to focus my mind and clear my thoughts. It was the only way to stay balanced. If I caught myself looking at something else, I quickly lost balance. Focus! I had to remind myself.

By the end, I was totally drenched from head to toe in sweat. It was an awesome feeling! I felt energized afterward! We helped clean up and headed home. I was so glad I was able to finally be able to go and hope to go a lot more! It’s a nice change up from my regular routine and no one ever made me feel like a newbie!

yoga1 yoga2

*Photos taken by Jo the Yoga instructor

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