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Winter Fun and Snacking When the Temps Dive Below Zero #GoldfishMix

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It happens every year. It’s always expected, but I can’t say I’m fully prepared for it. The day the weather jumps into the negative digits. There’s definitely no going outside, so I like to have fun things to do and fun snacks to eat inside. Why not combine snacking and fun? Sounds like an excellent idea to me!

I had a plan. Whenever we go out to eat, the boys love playing tic tac toe. They are always filling up the menu with those familiar criss cross boards. So I took my boys to Walmart to see what kind of fun things we could find for our little project. We went straight to the office supplies for fun colored paper. (I’ll save the boring white stuff at home for printing coupons.)

Then I remembered we needed milk. I bet someone out there can relate to this one. If I don’t head over to grab the milk as soon as I remember, I forget again. Heck, halfway to the milk, I usually forget because something else catches my eye.


As we were walking over to pick up the milk, we noticed the big cartons (you know, the giant 30oz ones) of Goldfish crackers were on Rollback from $7.48 to $5.98. My boys LOVE Goldfish crackers and immediately started asking if we could get them. I pretended to think about it for a minute. We all know I was totally going to say yes. Who doesn’t love Goldfish crackers?!

All the flavors were so inviting, but it wasn’t so hard to get my boys to agree on one. They unanimously chose the colored Goldfish crackers. I thought to myself, this will be great! We can divide the colors up and use them as game pieces on the tic tac toe boards! This is where I start devising my super complicated plan of how I’ll print really cool boards, fancy them up with stickers and glitter, laminate them….


As soon as we got home, the boys each asked for a piece of paper and starting drawing their own tic tac toe boards. I guess I won’t be printing any. Then they asked if I would open the Goldfish cracker carton to put some in a cup for them. I pulled out some muffin liners and poured them each a portion.

They took their papers and snacks into the living room and hit the floor. Ok, so I won’t be putting stickers and embellishments on. Looks like laminating is out too. I heard them deciding who was going to be what color. “I’m green!”, my 4 year old said excitedly! “I’ll be orange!”, exclaimed my 8 year old!


They started taking turns putting their crackers in a space until they had a winner. When it was time to clear the board, they rushed to see who was faster at gobbling the Goldfish crackers up!


Not only are Goldfish crackers fun to eat by themselves, they are fun to eat in a game! I know I can’t stop once I start snacking on them! Other games I am planning for these frigid winter days are bingo and checkers(kings can be a different color Goldfish cracker).


When it was time to put away the snacks, I used a large binder clip to hold the carton closed. Works like a charm!

Do you have any ideas you’d like to share for interactive snacking?

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