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Who Put the Pop(Back) in Wisconsin? #JollyGood

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If you read my title and started singing the jingle. You are a true fan of Jolly Good soda! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a trip down my memory lane.


It was a sad day, some years ago, when Jolly Good soda stopped production. People all over were stocking up on whatever they could get their hands on. Others thought it was just a rumor. I was one of those people.

I thought, “Nah, you know how people talk. It’ll never happen.”. But it did happen. My favorite childhood soda brand was gone! A lot of my most memorable childhood memories have Jolly Good soda in them.

During the summer, we would have get togethers with family. Brats and burgers were always on the menu. Colorful cans of Jolly Good Soda were ALWAYS in the cooler. As kids, we didn’t always get to drink soda. So it was a huge treat to have these family get togethers. We knew it was a time for playing with all of our cousins and having fun as a family! Then as we got thirsty, we were able to choose from all the different varieties of Jolly Good soda.

When it was my family’s turn to host the get together, my mom would take us to the store with her and let us choose the sodas. On the shelf, you could find pretty much any flavor you wanted sold by the can. There wasn’t a commitment to a 12 pack of one flavor. We got to mix and match them all! We loved it!! It made us feel we were a part of the planning(plus, we got to make sure there were plenty of our favorite flavors!).

Some of my most favorite flavors were(yes, this is the order in which I chose them) Cream, Fruit Punch, Orange, Cherry and Sour Pow’r. There were even more choices like Grape, Cola, Root Beer, Diet Cola, Lemon Lime…I swear the list went on forever. I can still see the cans lined up on the shelf.

Now let’s go to about a week ago. I heard another rumor, thanks to the power of Facebook. There were bottles of Jolly Good soda at my favorite cheese store!!(Check out my post on Cedar Valley Cheese when you have a chance. It will make you drool over string cheese!)

Wait, what? How is that possible? Was someone starting a terrible joke? Jolly Good has been gone for years, who’s bringing it back??


I didn’t know any of the answers to these questions, all I knew was I had to see it for myself. I hopped in my truck on Friday, had to wait for the fresh cheese to be ready of course, and drove down there. I saw the bottles of Sour Pow’r all the way in the back! There they were!! Only 5 feet away from the best fresh cheddar curds ever!


They are back in production!! They are slowly reintroducing flavors with the next one hoping to be out by Christmas. And guess which flavor that is! My all time favorite! Cream!!

They have been having polls on their Facebook page where you can vote for what’s up next. I’m hoping for Fruit Punch! You can also keep up to date with where they are currently selling Jolly Good. It’s not in a lot of places yet(so far just Cedar Valley Cheese Store and Belgium Hardware). Hopefully soon, it will be everywhere and you can get your hands on some!!

Are you a Jolly Good fan? What’s your favorite memory?

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25 thoughts on “Who Put the Pop(Back) in Wisconsin? #JollyGood

  • Danielle says:

    I wondered what happened to Jolly Good. We used to have the root beer and cream soda all the time! I hope we can get it near Madison soon.

    • Brianna K says:

      I hope sales expand to other areas also! I know they are working hard to get back out there :)

    • Jake Abbott says:

      To my knowledge they pulled out of the Soda Industry because the margins were continually shrinking. The soda was bottled in Random Lake, near Lakeside foods (private label vegetable cannery). I don’t know if it’s the same company that owns the plant and they just switched to this because it was more lucrative, or if the plant was sold outright, but it’s currently being used to bottle (can) energy drinks.

  • Kristine Payne says:

    I remember when I was a child (Krier Foods was one block over from where I lived) and finding out that there were CASES AND CASES of opps soda in the garbage…it was grape and root beer together and taking a bunch of the cases home…haha

    I can’t wait to see Cream Soda on the shelf! I might have some soda….(I stopped drinking soda a little over a year ago.

    • Brent Wambold says:

      What, may I ask, is “opps” soda?

    • Brent Wambold says:

      What, may I ask, is “opps” soda? If you mixed their cherry and orange it was actually better fruit punch than theirs. Their ginger ale was great with brandy…but the Sour Power with lemonade was the best.

      • Brianna K says:

        I think she meant oops soda. Most likely an autocorrect gone wrong 😉 Your ideas sound pretty great! I’ll have to do some mixing when the rest of the flavors come out!

  • Debra Krier says:

    Very Happy that Jolly Good Soda is Back! Proud to be part of the Krier Family!

  • jackb says:

    But how does it taste compared to the original? I’m only asking because when New York Seltzer was brought back and only stocked at Big Lots, I was so excited, and horribly disappointed when I actually tasted it.

    • Brianna K says:

      I’m not sure if someone else had brought back York Seltzer, but Jolly Good is being brought back by the originator of the brand, Krier Foods. I drank the Sour Pow’r and it tasted just like it did when I was a kid. I am definitely not disappointed and can’t wait for the rest of the flavors to show up!

  • Erin says:

    Jolly Good facebook gave you a nice shout out and a link to your blog, Brianna! :-)

    My favorite was Jolly Good cherry floats. Great memories of making those with my family!

  • Tiffany says:

    We saw these at Cedar Valley as well! This really was one of the best tasting brands!!

  • Adam Wilhelm says:

    I have bought a total of 5 cases the past few months, and a couple for friends, of Jolly Good Cream. However, the last couple times I’ve gone to Cedar Valley Cheese Store, they told me there hasn’t been any cream soda in weeks. Are they still in production? I haven’t heard any word from them and answers from Cedar Valley Cheese tend be useless on this account. Please give good news!?

  • Jeff says:

    Are they putting jokes in the bottle caps like they used to have in the bottom of the cans? Best part about finishing one, you got to read a joke.

    • Brianna K says:

      So far, I haven’t spotted any jokes. I’m glad to see additional flavors being added in the last couple weeks though!

  • Lori Wight says:

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog, with a google search. Good friends of mine are from WI and used to always use Jolly Good White Soda in their Tom Collins. I didn’t see that flavor on the Jolly Good facebook page. I sent them a inbox message there. Hopefully, that flavor will return as well!
    Thanks for the information!

    • Brianna K says:

      I hope so as well! I can’t imagine it’s too far from being produced(along with one of my other favorites Fruit Punch..still patiently waiting). I’m glad you found my post!

  • paula says:

    Send some to markets in Janesville wis..

  • Dorothy says:

    It sure does suck wjen some things just go….how I miss the cam soda of joy good…

  • Pat says:

    Just got my Jolly Good fix at Piggly Wiggly in Brodhead. There was a six can limit per customer so everybody can get a taste again.

    • Brianna K says:

      Glad you got some! My local Piggly Wiggly also has it and I can’t wait to stock up! I wonder if mine will also have a limit…

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