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What’s to do in Fond du Lac, WI? #VisitFDL

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I have lived about 30 minutes from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin all of my life. I would drive through it frequently to get to many other places, but never really stopped there before. Sure, I would go shopping at the mall or head to one of their restaurants for a bite to eat, but I never knew they had so much to offer!

Please click on all the links I provide to find their current website information, along with their locations.

A few fellow bloggers and I were recently invited by the Fond du Lac Area Convention & Visitors Bureau to experience some of the great attractions Fond du Lac has. Their motto is “C’mon in.”, which I think is perfect! You really need to C’mon In! This city has fun for everyone in your family! Not to mention some great educational experiences that happen to be fun!

I checked in at The Retlaw Plaza Hotel. The staff was more than welcoming! Signs greeted us at every entrance. This hotel has rumors of being haunted and I was really looking forward to being spooked! But I did not experience anything strange, so I think the ghosts must’ve had the weekend off. Which is totally ok too. I didn’t need to turn into a full fledged believer in ghosts.

20141009_180844 20141009_181624

Some of the amazing adventures we went on were:

Road America

Who knew Road America was more than just a racetrack? It is full of all sorts of adventures from off roading to on track! You will want to stay here all day(or all week) so you can do everything it has to offer. I really recommend getting out on the trails while the leaves are changing colors. The views are beautiful!

20141010_103331 20141010_101347

Siberian Outpost

Why have I never heard of this place before?? We have a dog sledding facility practically in my backyard? Sign me up! You will love learning how the dogs are trained. The owners treat them all like they are their children. You can hear the excitement in their barks as they get lined up and ready to go. And you want to hear something really heartwarming? A lot of the dogs came in as rescues!

20141011_083346 20141011_085511

Mercury Marine Museum and The Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac

These 2 attractions are in the same building. You can check out the great history of how Mercury Marine boat motors were born and see how they evolved over the years. I didn’t know there were snowmobiles and cars with these motors in them! Their history is absolutely fascinating! Want a taste? Go here to read a more on how the company was founded.

20141010_125245 20141010_130737

As you look around there, you can also have your children play in The Children’s Museum. My kids will LOVE going there! So many different activities for them to get caught up in. This also includes outside areas where they have butterfly gardens and play houses. Exhibits are not only fun, they are educational!

Meuer Farm

We arrived at the Meuer Farm and headed straight for the corn maze. You pick up a “passport” for the maze which has questions with multiple choice answers on them. I chose The Simpsons Passport because their maze was just that, The Simpsons! As we came to a numbered stake in the maze, we went to the corresponding question in the passport. Then you would take the direction(left or right) your answer gave you. It was so much fun “getting lost” in this maze! They offer many other fun things to do too, like a petting zoo, hayrides, fresh made kettle corn(you bet I got a large bag!!) and so so much more! In winter, they tap their own maple trees to make their own syrup. They have bee hives and produce their own honey. I could go on and on about the Meuer Farm!

Meuer Cornmaze-Simpsons FB_IMG_1413052392293

Kelley Country Creamery

Where do you go in Fond du Lac when you want some amazing fresh made ice cream? Kelley Country Creamery of course!! They have been featured on “Good Morning America” for their delicious ice creams. How cool is that? People have come from all over the globe to try a taste. They have a map for you to mark where you come from too! After talking with the owner, we found out some of their best flavors happen by accident. My friend happened to choose one of those flavors and loved it! In the spirit of fall, I tried the Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I ate every last spoonful!

20141010_141323 20141010_142416

The Little Farmer

I’ll cut right to the chase on this one. The Little Farmer has the most AMAZING fresh bakery I have ever eaten! I chose a Pumpkin Muffin with Cream Cheese Frosting…it was so moist and flavorful! I wanted another, but had to save room for my freshly hand dipped caramel apple with the toppings of my choice. I happened to choose peanut on one half and heath on the other. (Which reminds me, I got one to go! Be right back!)

They also have a pick your own pumpkin patch, apple orchard, cafe, playground, petting zoo, gifts, and did I mention a bakery? You know you want to pack up the kids right now and head out there! I sure do!

20141011_112307 20141011_122911

LaClare Farms

LaClare Farms is a family owned goat farm with a gift shop and cafe attached! You can go there to try one of their many fabulous goat cheeses and stay to watch the goats get milked. It was such a great experience to see first hand just how versatile and tasty goat milk is! I never tasted anything made from goat milk before this day. Who knew it was so good? If you knew this, you should have sent me an email sooner. I was totally out of that loop! It’s obvious though, other people know how good it is because the gift shop was packed with people buying cheese and ice cream!

20141011_152409 20141011_164907

Fondy Sports Park

Want to do a little go-karting, wall climbing, mini golf, Hi-ball or get in some batting cage time? Then you need to go to Fondy Sports Park! We tried out Hi-ball and had a ton of laughs as we bounced and missed the targets! Half the time, we threw the ball too high and it went out of the net. There’s a little something for everyone and we didn’t have nearly enough time to try it all!

20141010_150251 20141010_152303

Kreative Kraftwerks

We stopped by this cute little shop and had a chance to make our own hand lotion and fire starters. It was such a cool experience to craft items ourselves! Then we did a little shopping where you could buy handcrafted lotions, candles, soaps and other cute gifts. I bought a tractor shaped soap for my boys and they love the smell! They couldn’t wait to use it! Kreative Kraftwerks offers classes and workshops if you want to craft some of your own.

IMG_20141011_101626 20141011_100436

Just Fare Market

Just Fare Market is a unique store, not only are the items there handcrafted, the people who make them are in developing countries. They get paid whether their product sells or not. The items they craft are all beautiful and unique. It’s definitely a great place to find those one of a kind gifts you’ll need this upcoming holiday season!

20141011_103727 20141011_103802

The Plaid Squirrel

Do you love repurposed items? Then you really need to check out The Plaid Squirrel! All of the items in this store are totally unique. Artists make ceiling fans into dragon flies, rusty old horse shoes into wiener dogs, brass cow tags into necklaces just to give a few examples. One artist even crafted old spoons into rings. I wish I would have thought of that. I love this sort of crafty stuff!

20141011_150813 IMG_20141011_145737

Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center

I’ve always been curious about windsurfing, but had never knew there was such a thing as kiting. We were lucky enough to get quick lessons on each! For windsurfing, you have a sail attached to a special surfboard. For kiting, you wear a special harness attached to a kite and you have a shorter board to stand on. People even kite surf in winter! It looks like such a fun sport! Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center has a very friendly staff that teaches you how to do it all! They also sell quality equipment that keeps you dry, warm and safe.

20141010_163451 20141010_164022

Lakeside Park and Lighthouse

You’ll definitely want to make time to see the Lakeside Park and Lighthouse! The view from the top is absolutely gorgeous! And the park has so much equipment for the kids to climb and play on. I can’t wait to take my kids there for a picnic!

20141011_171308 20141011_171529

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts

This was my first time visiting an art gallery. Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts had some pretty beautiful art. There was an exhibit using projectors, set up all over the floor, to show a piece of art seamlessly over the walls and ceiling. They had to be set up just right and let me tell you, they nailed it!

THELMA gallery Photo credit Antonio Sirna Thelma1


Ghosts of Galloway

This was by far, the most fun haunted house adventure I have ever been on!! The actors were so good at staying in character, you would think it was the real thing! Ghosts and other creepy people would pop out of nowhere to scare the living daylights out of you. The ghosts were very interactive. I LOVED it!!! What I would love even more, is to come see the Galloway House when it isn’t all spookified. Being able to see such historical places is very educational. It’s so neat to see how our ancestors had lived.

IMG_20141011_212330 Ghosts of Galloway2

 Bernie’s Pub in Schreiner’s Restaurant

Looking for a great place to eat with TONS of gluten free options?? Then you need to eat at Bernie’s Pub! I was surprised how many items were gluten free on the menu. They also serve breakfast all day, so no fear if you missed your waffles at The Retlaw. Once I saw they had the breakfast option, I decided to customize my burger from the menu. I got the Bacon Deluxe burger and added an over easy egg on top. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! And if you happen to make it during happy hour, happy hour isn’t just for drinks anymore. It’s for PIE! What?!? Pie?!? Yes, pie. you can get $1 off each slice of pie during Pie Happy Hour. I wish we didn’t get there so late!!


Now that we have all that covered, you really need to get to Fond du Lac, WI to see all of these great places and discover some of your own! I know I’ll be back soon with my family! I can’t wait to share the memories with them!

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