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Vehicle Troubles on a Road Trip #Legoland

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One of my fears, while taking a road trip, is the vehicle breaking down. I have done the drive from Wisconsin to Florida and back 4 times now. Every time, I imagine bad things happening. I think it’s the mother in me. We always see what CAN happen, even if it is fairly rare.

Usually I push these thoughts out of my head by telling myself, I have a newer vehicle and we take care of it by doing regularly scheduled maintenance. The car breaking down is highly unlikely.

We left Friday morning, nice and early. I drove 12 hours the first day, stayed overnight in Georgia and finished the other 10 hours the next day. We arrived Saturday afternoon around 4pm. After getting all of our hugs and hellos done, we unpacked the truck.

We started planning out our week so we could get the best days for the best activities. Beach Sunday, Zoo Monday, Sea World Tuesday, Manatee viewing Wednesday, Legoland Thursday and Friday we were to head back home.

Everything was going as planned, until…my cousin’s husband noticed a leak under my truck when we came back from the beach Sunday night. He said he had seen it when we first got there, but it had been relatively small so he just watched for it again. He suspected it was transmission fluid.


Insert panic attack here!

I had a slight internal freak out thinking, oh no, this can’t be happening! The truck is only 2 years old. Why would it be leaking transmission fluid? Is my transmission going?? Oh no! Oh no!! Oh no!!!!

He went out to crawl under my truck and found it was leaking transmission fluid for sure. He just couldn’t tell if it was a gasket or if something else had happened. He checked the fluid level and it was still fine, but definitely recommended getting it looked at.

The next morning, I googled all the Ram dealerships in the area since it was still under warranty. It was only 2 years old and had 19,000 miles on it. There were a few nearby, but one had better reviews than others and, as my cousin pointed out, was just down the road from Legoland.

I thought that would be perfect! They offered a shuttle and I asked if they could drop us off at Legoland while they looked at the truck. That would be no problem, the problem was….Legoland was only open 2 of the 4 days we had left. The service department didn’t recommend waiting until the last day to have it looked at in case something was seriously wrong. I had to agree. We scheduled it for right away that morning.

We took it over there and the staff was very friendly! They got the paperwork ready and the shuttle driver out front to get us on our way.

I never let on to my boys anything bad could be happening. I wanted them to have fun and remember good things on their vacation. They just thought it was neat we were getting a ride over to Legoland(and I guess another bonus was not having to pay the parking fee! I recommend buying your tickets online ahead of time to save money! Go to for more information.).


We did all the fun things Legoland had to offer. We rode the roller coasters, we built things with Legos(of course!), we bought Legos, and the boys got to meet Emmet from The Lego Movie!


The dealership called to let me know the transducer switch was loose and they replaced it. From what I understand, it is an important little gizmo that controls how much transmission fluid is released when it needs to be released. I should be back and ready to roll! They told me to let them know when we were done at Legoland and they would send a car to pick us up! Perfect!

Now, I could really enjoy the rest of our time at Legoland! It wasn’t worst case scenario! Phew! We hit some more rides, did more games, took LOTS more pictures. The whole time, my boys said I was the best mom EVER! They had an amazing time!


I have to admit, being in a theme park constructed mostly of Legos, was super cool! My favorite part was when Robert, the employee from the Technicycle ride, told us about trading your minifigure. You buy yourself a minifigure when you get there, then throughout the day, you trade them with employees. They are wearing them on their name tags. You never know who you’ll end with in the end!

The rain came and ended our time at Legoland. I gave a call to the dealership and they sent the shuttle right out to get us. We headed in to pick up my truck and got the bill. $0 as I suspected! Thank you Dodge of Winter Haven for fitting me in!

Hopefully, the rest of the trip goes off without a hitch! Stay tuned to see what else I did on my road trip.

What would you do if you had a vehicle problem while on the road? Would you be cool and calm? Or have a mini freak out like me?

I was provided with Legoland tickets to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. I hadn’t planned for it to go this way, but this is reality!


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