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Up a 4 Year Old’s Nose

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Caden, the 8 year old, comes running into the kitchen as I’m making him and Chase, the 4 year old, popcorn for their movie and yells, “Chase has a jet up his nose!”.

“What jet?”, I asked. “A jet from the game!” he says. I have no idea what this jet looks like because they just got the game today. So I try looking up his tiny nostril and can’t see anything. I plug his other nostril and say blow. Nothing comes out. I look again and can’t see anything.

Chase says, “It’s stuck way up there.”. I’m thinking aw man, we’re going to need to go to the emergency room.

I go grab a tweezers and the super bright flashlight. Just then, I remember the popcorn burning in the microwave and yell for Caden to open the microwave to stop the cooking.

I look up his nose again and see red plastic. This is where the years of practice playing the game Operation are about to pay off!

I carefully stick the tweezers up there and slip off the jet. “You almost had it mom!” Ok, let me try again…go back in and grab it a little firmer….pulled out the jet! “You got it!”, he said in a way that felt like he was proud of me for retrieving the jet.


This little boy is so tough and calm. Even when he had to go in an ambulance to Children’s hospital a year earlier, he was such a brave trooper.

All he was worried about next was making a new bag of popcorn since the first one was REALLY burnt. So bad, I had to dispose of it outside in the trash can because the smell was awful!


Has your child ever stuck anything up their nose? Or better yet, did you?

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2 thoughts on “Up a 4 Year Old’s Nose

  • Grandma Crocodile says:

    The fruit doesn’t fall far from the family tree. Chase’s Grandma (me) stuck a raisin up her nose and it flew out in the lobby of the hospital after a sneeze!
    The incident became legendary! And, I was never allowed to eat raisins again.

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