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Transformers Toy Deal at Target

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I ran into Target today for a few things and decided to head down the toy aisle. I had a $2 off any one Hasbro Transformer toy over $9 and a $5 off any one Hasbro toy over $19 printables. I was sure I could find something!

I saw a sign that said “free with purchase*” on the Transformers 1-step Magic. Ok, what did I need to buy? “Any $19.99 or higher Transformers toy as signed”. Where are the signs??


That’s when I saw the lovely yellow sign that said temporary price cut “save $3, $19.99”. Under that sign was the sign that said if I bought that toy, I could get the other one free.

20140926_093222 20140926_094539

Now this is where it gets better! I remember looking through Ibotta yesterday(a really awesome phone savings app, you should really check it out) and noticed 2 Transformer toy deals. One was for $4 off Transformers Flip and Change(the one with the yellow sign) and the other was for $2.50 off the Transformers 1-step Magic(the freebie)!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.00.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.00.12 PM

I used 1 printable for $2 off one toy, 1 printable for $5 off one toy and submitted my receipt to Ibotta in the parking lot. They had me approved before I started the car! Then I was able to snag my $0.50 team bonus!

It was $6.49 before taxes($5.99 if you want to include my team bonus) for 2 toys I know my sons will love! The hard part for them is not knowing I have them and they have to wait until Christmas!


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2 thoughts on “Transformers Toy Deal at Target

  • Kelly Kreif says:

    And if you have targets cartwheel app you can save more. Going to try this today here and see what I can find.

    • Brianna K says:

      Thank you, yes last week’s deal didn’t include Cartwheel because it became available yesterday. I have had quite a few excited people looking to see what we can put together with the Cartwheel, Ibotta and the coupons some people have. I am still looking to see if I can find the coupons. I printed them from 2 computers last week and they aren’t showing on my other 4. So the coupon may be gone for me.

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