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Today’s deals I found 9-18-14

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I had a bunch of errands to run today and I had limited time. I had decided to wait until my 4 year old left for school, but I had to be back in time to get the dog to the vet at 2. That means, from noon until 1:30 was my time frame.

First stop, my mom’s work. She had a special coupon from a mailer she got that I really wanted. She has a Menards store card and apparently, they get store coupons mailed to them. A few days earlier, I was telling my mom about Fisher Peanuts being my absolute favorite! That’s when she informed me of the coupon mailer because they had a buy one get one free on the Fisher Peanuts in it. I asked if it had a limit, yes it did, 3 free per person. That means I can get 6 total.

Next stop…Menards! I ran in and headed to the peanuts, luckily the coupon stated where they would be. No searching necessary! I started grabbing my 6 containers and looked at the floor, there was a tear pad of coupons. Flipped it over…$1 off 2 Fisher Peanuts! Score!! Now that I was getting $3 off my 6 containers, I needed to spend a few more dollars because I had an $8 rebate I was using to pay for everything. Not far away was a sale on Brach’s Indian Corn. Perfect! I use it for a snack mix I make. Time to check out! I handed over my items, then my coupons and lastly my rebate. Total came to $0.38! I can handle that!


Next stop was pretty much a waste of time. I headed to Kwik Trip looking for the limited edition Packers cups my hubby wants to collect. I was told they get new ones every other Thurdsay, with this being that Thursday. Nope, still last week’s cups. Moving on…

Now I’m at Pick N Save. I wanted to grab some Eggo Waffles because I traded in some of my Kellogg’s Family Rewards points for $1.50 off 1 Eggo coupon. They had them on sale 4 for $7. I grabbed my 4 and headed toward the check out. (Pssst, they still have some of the cookie mix I talked about Tuesday!) My total after coupons was $1.


And now I’m headed to Target. I really wasn’t sure exactly what I needed there, I just knew I had a couple of pretty high value coupons to use. A few things were not worth going for yet, I can hold off. But I did find Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner for $2.99 each with free samples attached. I had a coupon for buy one get one free up to $4.99 value. Chose my 2, then headed over to the feminine product aisle. I also had a coupon for free Tena product up to $5. They had packs for $3.49. And lastly, I chose a Heath candy bar(my hubby’s favorite!). A little more on that in a bit.

I get to the check out with my items and start to check out. The registers at Target take the full value of the free coupon off the item. ┬áSo when I said the Tena product was $3.49, but the coupon was up to a $5 value, they take all $5 off. According to the manager, they are supposed to let it ring up that way and not override the system. So for all these items I got free, I also got overage! That’s where the candy bar came in. You can not get paid back any overage. You have to have other stuff to use up that overage. My candy bar was $0.89 and I paid $0.89 for the whole transaction! “But you don’t need the candy bar, it would be $0 and no overage!” you say. Not true. Without the candy bar, I would have had a -$0.04 balance because there is tax on the candy bar.


So there you have it! Today I spent $2.27 and saved $33.78!

I also got 1,000 bonus points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards and another free book!

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