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Sweetened Dried Cranberries-Fail(But It Wasn’t a Loss!)

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Sweetened-dried-cranberries-failA few weeks ago, I decided to try dehydrating some of my free cranberries. I searched all over the internet, looking for that fool proof way to get those delicious lightly sweetened dried treats. That’s when I came upon a recipe!

It said to pour boiling water over the cranberries, let them sit for 10 minutes to get them to “pop”, drain and toss in a simple syrup. Sounds easy enough! I got right to it. The simple syrup didn’t seem sweet enough for me, but I like to try all recipes exactly the first time and adjust it if needed the next time.


I started arranging them on my dehydrator racks, leaving plenty of room between the berries. Any that didn’t pop, I sliced with my paring knife (as per the instructions). 20 minutes and 8 racks later, I had them ready to start dehydrating. I set them on the fruit setting and left them go for 8 hours.

I came back to check on them in 7 hours, nowhere near done….9 hours, still no chance at being that yummy little snack I had in mind. 11 hours, ugh forget it! I give up! They were sour cranberries that were not even resembling a dehydrated snack.


So now what was I going to do with these? I can’t just throw away my failed attempt. I used 3 bags! Seems like such a waste! I dumped them all into a container until I could collect my thoughts after the disappointment I felt. I didn’t expect them to be exactly like the sweetened dried cranberries you buy at the store, but I was hoping they would at least be similar to them.

A few days later, I came up with a plan. I would attempt to put those bitter little suckers in oatmeal cookies. I got out my favorite oatmeal raisin cookie recipe(minus the raisins). As I started adding the cranberries, the batter slowly turned pink from the juices.

I thought to myself, well, at least they’ll look pretty…

I baked them according to instructions and let them cool. My hubby came home from work and asked, “What the heck are those?”, as he scrutinizes my pink cookies. “Cranberry Oatmeal.”, I replied. He picks one up, takes a bite and doesn’t say anything. “Well??”, I asked.

He still doesn’t say anything. He finishes the cookie with a “lost in thought” look. Then he grabs another. Ok, would he just say something? Geez, I mean, I was already disappointed in the cranberries not working out on the dehydrator, so saying if you like the cookies would’t kill a person.

“Ok, how about now?”, I asked. He finishes that one, grabs a third and says, “Tastes like more!”. That’s his way of saying they are good! I tasted one and was impressed! The sourness was well balanced by the sweetness.

He took some to work to share with the guys and they liked them too! One of the guys said he didn’t like cranberries, but had no problem gobbling those cookies up!


A fail doesn’t always mean a complete fail! I was glad I saved the cranberries and gave it a shot! You never know when you’ll discover something completely awesome out of something that flopped.

Do you have any fails or successes you’d like to share?

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