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Stocking Stuffer Ideas #StockingStuffers

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St. Nicholas Day is almost here! “What in the world is St. Nicholas Day?”, some of you may be asking. St. Nick’s Day seems to be a regional/German holiday. It isn’t recognized by all, yet in my town, I think everyone has at least heard of it, if not celebrates it.

We hang up our stockings on December 5. That night, if we were good, St. Nick would fill our stockings with goodies for us to wake up to on December 6. If we were not good, we would get coal. There was one year, my brother actually got coal. They said it was a joke, but now I’m not so sure!

I love following this tradition with my boys. It is so exciting seeing the surprise on their faces when they see their stockings.I like to put a small toy and few other items. This year, I will be including:

PEEPS: My boys are loving adding these to their hot cocoa! This Holiday Rainbow Pop would be so much fun to stir around in a mug!


Chapstick: One of the problems in winter is dry lips. I don’t like sharing my Chapstick and don’t expect them to share theirs either. So they each get their own tube.


Cinnabon gift card: We all like a tasty treat now and then, so adding this will allow them to pick their own special treat.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 1.26.00 PMTrident Gum: Chewing sugar free gum may help prevent cavities. My oldest son has crowded teeth like me. So having something to help aid in his oral hygiene is a plus!(Don’t worry, he brushes and flosses regularly.)


Fresh Fruit: It’s tradition in my family to get a pomegranate. I’m not a huge pomegranate person, so I switched it up for other fruits.

And lastly, the toy: This year, it will be a game for their Nintendo DS. I found them on sale pretty reasonably and had a gift card to use on them.

Bonus: Mom Stocking

I gave myself my stocking a tad early. I couldn’t help but dive into these delicious Hot Cocoa & Cream PEEPS! They were just as amazing as I thought they would be. I also enjoyed my new Airwick air freshener early too. You have to have the house smelling great for all the holiday guests!!


The PEEPS product, information and gift have been provided by Just Born Quality Confections. The Chapstick product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All other products were samples received to facilitate my review. All opinions are always my own!

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