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Snow Tubing at Sunburst in Kewaskum, WI

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A few times a year, my life insurance company has events for its members at pretty awesome discount rates. Some of those events include the zoo, which is pretty amazing right there because of the free parking. Our zoo has crazy parking fees! Then they rent out one of the picnic areas and offer free drinks, popcorn, ice cream and discount ride tickets. We look forward to it every year!

This winter, we were invited to go snow tubing at Sunburst in Kewaskum, WI. At first, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go. It’s been so cold lately, spending even more time out in the cold just wasn’t appealing to me. I talked about it with my hubby and he REALLY didn’t want to go. He works out in the cold, so going out there on a weekend…nope, he didn’t want to.

After thinking about it right up until the day we needed to send back our RSVP, I decided it would be fun for the boys. It was only a 2 hour time slot, so I think we could suck it up and do it. Plus, it was a really good deal! There wasn’t any other time I would be able to get such cheap tickets including free food and drinks!

As the day drew near, the weather was predicted to be bitterly cold. Wind chills were in the negatives. Of course, THAT day was supposed to have the coldest temps of all. -25 with the wind chill…what was I thinking??

Luckily, they rescheduled it for the next weekend! Thank goodness!! I didn’t want to have to try to bundle the kids up for that, even though they would have been troopers because they would never want to miss it!

The next weekend rolls around and we had our 9 year old’s birthday party first, then headed out to some tubing fun! The temperature was fairly warm at 26F. A drastic improvement from the week before!

We get there and it’s packed, which is to be expected. No one else could obviously pass up the deal on winter fun! My brother, his wife and my nephew met us there. This was going to be a family adventure!


As soon as we all had our tags fixed to our zippers, we chose some tubes and looked up at the hills. There were about 30 groomed lanes for tubers to slide down. And that was only 1 of the 2 hills! It didn’t look that high from the bottom. We walked over to get on the conveyor belt that gave us a ride to the top. I’ll admit, that was probably the best part. Not having to drag yourself back up there after each run.


At the top of the hill, we looked over all the lanes and chose a couple for us to go down next to each other. My 9 year old went first. He got a little push from the attendant and down he went! Next, it was my 4 year old and my turn. We decided to link our tubes together and go like a train. I was in the front and he was behind me, nestled deep down into the center of his tube. My hubby gave us a little nudge to get us going and I held tight to my 4 year old’s tube tether.

We slowly started sliding down the hill, quickly we picked up speed. The cold air hit my face and I couldn’t breathe. We sped up even more and I started to freak out a little. My life was flashing before my eyes. Our tubes were making their way toward the side edge of our lane and we hit the rail, it sent us into a spin! We spun back into the other edge of the lane and hit that rail. I thought we were going to die!!! We came to the end of our lane and I put my feet down to slow us. I got out of my tube and wondered, what just happened? My 4 year old screams, “Let’s do it again!!”.

With my adrenaline still pumping, I pull his tube, with him in it, and mine back to the conveyor belt for our ride back up the hill. On our way, I grab a third tube for my hubby who was still waiting at the top of the hill. My 8 year old was already back at the top.

My hubby asks our 4 year old if he wants to go down by himself this time. I said, “No, he is not going down by himself. Ever. Take him down and you’ll see why.”. He looks at me like I was crazy and says, “I wouldn’t know why he can’t. You didn’t look like you were going that fast or anything.”. I just replied with, “You’ll see. Don’t let go.”.

They link up with my hubby in front. I asked if they wanted a small push to get going and my 4 year old said, “YES!!”. So I gave them a push and watched as they made their way down the hill. They got an even bigger spin going than we did on our first round.


I laughed inside a little bit as I sat down on my tube, getting ready to make my way down behind them. As soon as it was safe for me to go, I gave myself a slight nudge. Then one of the employees thought I must have needed a better nudge because he came up behind me and gave me a push.

I quickly got up to I-can’t-breathe speeds again and thought why did I go down by myself?! I’m totally crazy! It was scarier than doubling up our tubes. I think I went faster by myself. At the bottom, my hubby and 4 year old were waiting for me. Again, my 9 year old was already back at the top of the hill for probably his 6th run.

The first thing my hubby says when I get there, “He’s not going down by himself. Ever.” referring to our 4 year old. Ha! I knew he would agree with me! He goes on by saying, “It didn’t look that fast when I watched you.”.

We made a few more rounds and finally stopped for some snacks. My 9 year old didn’t want to waste much time eating, he gobbled up his food and hit the hills again! The rest of us took a little time to make some S’mores by the fire.

Suddenly my 4 year old says, “Let’s do it again!”. I looked at the time and it was really close to our 2 hours being up. So we made our way over to get a few more trips down the hill. Which happened to be even scarier at that point. It had gotten dark out, so it felt even faster than before!

We all had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year!!

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