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Small Home Improvements Making a Huge Difference

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We’ve been doing some small remodeling projects that are making our house feel new again. It all started with our broken sink(you can read that story here). Some of it has been really easy. Pretty soon, we are planning to dive in a little deeper. But that may take more than a few YouTube videos.

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For now, I’m planning to change out the shower heads and bathroom faucets. Our tub faucet is a mess. It’s been leaking and mineral deposits have started to form, which is really hindering it’s performance. Plus, it’s an ugly dull brass color. I’m not sure who chose the fixtures to begin with, but they must have been shopping the clearance aisle.

I’m also planning to change out our light fixture. It’s another easy job my husband has no problem tackling. When I start mentioning ripping out the tile, scraping the awful popcorn texture off the walls, and replacing the vanity…he turns a little pale. I’m not sure if it’s the amount of work that scares him or the cost.

If we continue doing our improvements little by little, we should have it done before the kids graduate high school! Then we can start all over again because I’m sure it will all need replacing again.

Having 3 boys in the house is really rough on everything. I know one day, I will miss having their toothpaste gobs on the counter. Or their dirty laundry next to the hamper instead of inside it. Better yet, the “I didn’t pee on the floor.” pee on the floor.(I know anyone with boys feels my pain right now). Ok, I probably will NOT miss that part.

But until that day, I will live happily in what we have. Making our small improvements that may not seem like much, but make me feel like I have a whole brand new space again.

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