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Save with Savings Apps

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There are a lot of savings out there to be had with your smartphone. It can be nerve wracking trying to search out apps for savings because you don’t know what you are getting yourself into before you try it. I’m always asked, “Which ones do you use?”. So I thought I would share the one I absolutely love!

My absolute, most favorite one is Savingstar! It is super easy to use! You register you store saving card to it, so it does all the work for you! Once you have clicked your offers you want, you swipe your store card at the register and it automatically will deposit any savings into your account. Once you hit $5 in savings, you can cash out in a few ways. I always have them send it to my PayPal. Free to use and I can then deposit that money straight into my checking.


First you will need to set up your account. Next you will click on ‘Register a New Card’. It will give you the option to pick from stores near you or you can choose all stores. After you have all your store savings cards added, you can start adding offers.


Click on the ‘I Want This’ button and that’s it! It will remain active until it expires. They put out brand new offers on the 1st of every month. Tuesdays get a ‘Healthy’ offer and Friday is ‘Freebie Friday’. The Tuesday and Friday offers expire within a few days of release, so act quick and get them! There will be a shiny new offer there on the next Tuesday or Friday.

My advice is to click on all the offers you MIGHT use. They do have a chance at running out of those offers, so it secures your spot for it. Also, you don’t want to accidentally buy it at the store and miss out on the savings because you forgot to activate the offer. It has to be active before purchasing the product. If you are at the store and unsure if the product you are going to buy is part of the offer, you can go into the app and scan the item. It will tell you right then and there if it matches.

Another great feature they just added is the ability to redeem from stores that don’t have savings cards, like Wal-mart and Target. For those, you will be able to scan the product to match it to the offer, then submit a picture of the receipt to prove you bought it.

Most of the time, I have the savings deposited into my account by the next day. Cashing out usually happens fairly quick and I get a notice from PayPal within a few hours.

Not a smartphone user?? No problem!! With Savingstar, you can also put the app on your tablet. Then if you happen to buy from a store without a savings card, you can submit a photo of your receipt using the camera on that! Trust me, this is all super easy and I have had A LOT of money refunded back to me.

Looking at my pics and thinking, “Hey! That’s not what it looks like on my iPad!”. Don’t worry, it’s the same app, just with a slightly different look. They upgraded the iPad app to include the options to take pictures of the receipt. I’m sure the android app will follow shortly!

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