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Puffs SoftPack is Going on the Road with Me!

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When we get in our cars, there are a few items we always have to have. No, I’m not talking jumper cables and spare tires(although they are super handy too!). I’m talking about the other car necessities. We all have a list of our must have items. These are mine and I’ll tell you why:

  • Baby wipes-My kids are huge mess makers. I can’t give them anything without it being all over their faces, hands, hair, bodies…you get the idea. I always need to be able to clean them up when there isn’t a sink around.
  • First aid kit-You never know when someone is going to fall and skin a knee. It might not even be my kid. There have been plenty of times, I’ve come to the rescue for kids I don’t know. I would hope someone would do the same for me.
  • Snacks-You never know when you’ll have an emergency situation. One time, we had to make an emergency trip to Children’s Hospital. By the time we were all situated, it was the middle of the night and I hadn’t eaten since lunch. I was STARVING! I went to my truck, grabbed my snack bag and was good until breakfast.
  • Bottled water-Same as above.
  • Tissues-Now I bet you’re thinking, “Yeah, my Grandma always had a box in the back window of her car.”. So did mine! And now I know why! Kids are booger machines. Someone is always sneezing something gross and needs a tissue ASAP.

Now that I have all these things in my truck, the only problem I have is my box of tissues. Being a pick up truck, I don’t exactly have a back window to keep my box of tissues and bobble head dog collection. I’ve tried finding everywhere to fit my square box and it always gets smashed up.


Doesn’t fit here…


Here neither…


Definitely not here…


Then I discovered Puffs SoftPack! Why hasn’t this been invented sooner?? Now I have no worries about where to fit it because it fits everywhere!

It fits here…


And here….


Yup, even here!!


Thanks to Puffs, I won’t have to worry about that crushed box getting kicked around the floor of my truck anymore. Now, I can tuck it away and have it every time I need it!


I was provided with Puffs SoftPack to facilitate my review. My thoughts and opinions are always my own!

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