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Piggly Wiggly Run 9-6-14~Spent $11.77!

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I hadn’t planned to go to Piggly Wiggly at all this week. The flier didn’t inspire me at all. The only thing I would even consider getting was the Yoplait yogurt and bread. But I couldn’t see getting 80 yogurts to fill up my transaction(that might make me look crazy!).

It all changed when I needed to make a pit stop at the Pig in a nearby town. My husband needed to go by a friend and asked if I wanted to go along. I said, “Sure, but only if we can stop at Pig for a lime. I forgot I needed one for the salsa.”. He told me to drop him off by his friend, run to Pig and meet him back there when I was done.

My boys and I ran to Pig, grabbed a lime and some hard rolls. (We had decided on our way to his friend’s house to have burgers the next day and you definitely can’t do that without hard rolls!) I was already itching to bust out coupons, after all, I had 2 filler items already! But I kept my cool and hit the checkout. That’s when it all changed, I got behind a couponer…

That fueled me even more. I thought, did I miss something? What was she getting? Her groceries were already bagged, so I couldn’t see what she had. The best I could do was try to catch a glimpse of the coupons she was using. I saw the yogurt coupon, ok so I’m not missing out there…then my boys started to wrestle and I had to take care of that before someone(else) got hurt or they knocked something over.

The last of her coupons I didn’t recognize. Then she paid her $5 and was on her way. I had to have missed something! I needed what she had!(Not really, I really need to find a couponers anonymous meeting!) I paid for my items and headed out to the parking lot.

I saw her loading her car and decided to go over and ask her what she got. Turns out, she was more than happy to talk coupons with me and I even gave her some(ones that I happened to use today). And in reality, I didn’t need what she bought. She had some great coupons for baby food. I don’t know anyone who would need that in the near future, so I have no reason to even try to coupon it.

When we got home that night and everyone was in bed, I flipped on a couple of my trusty laptops and got to printing. I didn’t just print the yogurt coupon, I printed others that I will most likely use later. Can’t waste a whole sheet of recycled paper from school handouts!

I had some peelies for a new product that I wasn’t sure Pig carried, but other items like it were on sale. If they had these, I would be getting them free. I planned my transaction(and a back up one in case they didn’t carry the new product). Went to bed and set my alarm. We had a busy day planned, so I needed to get moving early.

I headed to the store, grabbed some items I knew were on sale with the coupons I had, then headed over to where the new item was. They actually had a whole display of them on the end cap! On sale!! Grabbed those, then I finished up and decided I would have to throw another transaction together on the fly.

I ended up getting:

  • 18 boxes of New Keebler Townhouse Pretzel Thins
  • 2 pouch Starkist Tuna
  • 16 Yoplait yogurt
  • 2 onions
  • bag of green grapes
  • cantaloupe
  • bread
  • hard rolls(Yes, another. We had a late rsvp last night for our burger party.)

Before coupons and store card:  $87.79

After coupons and store card:  $11.77

Saved:  $76.02!!

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