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PEEPSadilla Recipe-SO Yummy!

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I bought about a million tortillas at Costco because they had a sample of cheese quesadillas. Those samples sure do get a person sometimes. I didn’t really need a million, but you know, that’s what’s in one package. I just wanted to make some more cheese quesadillas. Once we got home, I busted open that package and made 3…one for me and each of my boys.

Now what to do to use more tortillas….I start thinking dessert! I looked at what might possibly taste good on a tortilla. Cinnamon sugar? Sure, but eh, I wasn’t feeling it. Brown sugar? Not feeling that one either. Marshmallows and chocolate? Now we’re talking!!

My pan was still warm and ready to go, so I head to my baking cabinet. There’s the chocolate chips, but where are the mini marshmallows? Oh shoot, I ran out! Wait…what’s that? A half package of PEEPS® bunnies leftover from Easter? I’m game!


I sprayed my pan with cooking spray over medium heat, placed in one tortilla then sprinkled some cut up PEEPS® and chocolate chips on it. Don’t overdo it! They will spread. Cover with a 2nd tortilla. When it starts to lightly brown, flip it over and lightly brown the other side. Cut into wedges, ENJOY! This recipe could easily be done in the microwave. Pop it in for 15-20 seconds, just enough time to warm it all up. I hope you like PEEPSadillas as much as my boys do!



  • PEEPS® cut up into pieces (I would even venture to try the flavored ones, like strawberry…oh that would be so tasty!!)
  • Flour tortillas
  • 1 cup of chocolate chips


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