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One of Those Weeks…

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wpid-2015-01-08-08.17.11.jpg.jpegI’m sure you’ve all had them, that not-so-great day that just drags on for an entire week. I am currently stuck in one of those weeks and hope it doesn’t last all month. It all started at the beginning of this week.

I asked my hubby to finally fix the bathroom sink. A few months ago, our 4 year old kept playing in it and broke the stopper. It wouldn’t go up, just down(and not because I wanted it to). He took it apart and told me which part I needed to pick up on my way home from lunch with a friend. This wasn’t even the bad part…

I went to look for something way in the back under the kitchen sink, only to find that was leaking. A lot! There were empty grocery bags that had pools of water in them. Wonderful, I’ll just add a new kitchen faucet to the list and while we’re at it…a new kitchen sink. Who wants to put a shiny new faucet on a scratched and dinged cruddy old sink?

After lunch, I go to the home improvement store and just look around….lost. I wasn’t going to waste hours trying to find everything I need, so the first employee to ask if I needed anything became my personal shopping guide. They walked me all around the store, helping me get everything on my list. Thank you super friendly employee!


I brought all the supplies home for my hubby to fix everything and all is right in the world again! Until we get to day 2…

My 4 year old had an appointment in the morning to have his hearing checked. He has been having ear problems since infancy with ear infections and fluid build up. He kept failing his hearing tests at school, but whenever I took him to the doctor, they couldn’t retest him because he had an infection which would give inaccurate results.

Finally the doctor has him see an ENT(ear nose throat) doctor. He did not pass the hearing test there either. Bad news is, he has 50% hearing loss. Good news is, when they bypass the eardrum and go straight to the bone, his hearing is great!


The doctor recommended adenoid removal and tubes inserted into his eardrums. He said if he just drained the fluid behind the drum(not an infection, just has chronic fluid build up), it would keep returning because it wasn’t draining on its own, creating the whole problem.

After setting up his appointment for surgery, I took him to school. Then it was time for a day date with my hubby. We had been planning it for about a week. He wanted to take a tour of a fairly local brewer(about an hour drive). When we got there, we didn’t see very many cars in the parking lot. We should have taken it as a bad sign.

The tour was canceled due to the cold weather. Prior to going there, it said to check their Facebook page for current hours and news about the tour. We hadn’t seen anything, so they are just really not good at keeping their social media up to date.

The next day comes, I have an appointment(that I end up being 5 minutes late to) and they don’t have any of my information in the system. They can’t find the proper information. 10 minutes later, everything is squared away.

Now it’s time to get to last night…this one is probably the icing on the cake. My 4 year old came to my bed to sleep with us around midnight. He said he was having bad dreams. I snuggle him in the middle and we fall back asleep. 2:30 am rolls around and I hear him throw up. I quickly toss the blankets back and wait for him to take a break. Then I rush him to the bathroom to finish up there while I strip the pillow cases from our pillows. Yup, it hit mine.

I told my hubby, “You might wanna get up.”. He looks over and groans. I take all the sheets off the bed and run them down to the basement. This is one time I am REALLY glad we kept our old washer when we bought the new one. I loaded them both up and threw in a little extra detergent.(Just a tip, about half a cup of vinegar really helps get the smell out.)

My hubby changes our 4 year old and puts him back to bed. I’m still scrambling around the house to find the “barf buckets”. I finally find them and take one to him. An hour goes by and I hear him throwing up again. He was able to keep it all in the bucket, so I switch buckets and wash the first one out.

Another hour goes by and he’s back in the bathroom. This time, it’s coming out the other end. Poor kid. I was hoping this sickness would miss our house, but it looks like it’s here. Now for the game of…who’s next?(Or maybe, what’s next? Since this week isn’t over yet…)

What was your most memorable “week”?

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