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Not a Good Time to Search for Snow Pants

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Snow pants, an absolute winter necessity for kids in Wisconsin. But it’s not always because there is snow. Most of the time, they just wear them because it is so stinkin’ cold and are trying to keep warm while waiting for the bus. Heck, there are times I want to throw a pair on when I’m waiting outside with my 4 year old for his bus.


When there is snow, my boys love being out in it! They can’t wait to build snowmen, go sledding, fill their dump trucks full of snow to build imaginary snow towns and(of course) build snow forts. The last snowmen they built are still standing!


Imagine my thoughts as my 8 year old comes in the house after playing outside with torn snow pants. And not just a little tear, like there is no knee left kind of tear. Where am I going to get snow pants in February? Too late in the season for stores to still have them. Too early in the season to try to just tough it out and make them last. Crazy as it sounds, stores already have swim apparel on racks(and it’s been known to snow in April here).

I had to try to find a new pair. First, I went to Target. I had some gift cards I had gotten free and was hoping to be able to use them on some, hopefully, clearance snow pants. I found the clearance rack and there were a few pairs on there! Problem was…the sizes consisted of XS or XXL. Nothing in between. I needed a L. This was not going to work out at all.

Off to Walmart I went. They didn’t have even one single pair. Total bust! I wasn’t about to let it discourage me…even though I was running out of options.

Please, I started praying as I entered Shopko, let there be a pair of snow pants. I head back to the boys section and once again, found a few pairs on the clearance rack. And ALSO, once again, there were only sizes XS and XXL. Really? I started to feel a slight panic.

I decided to head into the girls section to see what they had. They had plenty size L pants. They were black, no pink on them anywhere….could I do it and get away with it? I grabbed a pair and started walking. No, I thought to myself, put them back. What if they don’t fit the same? I didn’t want to take that chance. But if I absolutely had to, I could go back and get them.

I am really close to having no options left. There was still Koh’s and the other Walmart. You don’t even know how bad I was hoping Kohl’s would have some. I was in LUCK! They had tons of pairs of size L and they were all on clearance! Not a super steal, but not regular price(which was a little bit crazy if you ask me). I took a pair straight up to the register, I was so proud of myself for finally finding some.


The cashier tells me my total, I reach into my purse and…SHOOT!!! I forgot my credit card at home!!! I switched purses because I was planning to do some walking and don’t like taking my regular ginormous bag with me. I only grabbed my license and my Target gift cards!! I couldn’t believe it. I was trying to think of anything, but I only had maybe $5 in change in my truck.

I had to go home. I asked the cashier to please hold the snow pants for me. I would be back in 20 minutes. She said it was no problem and they would be waiting right there for me.


I got in my truck, went home, grabbed my credit card and headed back. The pants were still at the register, as promised. I paid for them and did a few laps around the mall. I was able to get 5 miles in and yeah, I’m a dork. I went mall walking. I may have been the youngest and the fastest, but the other folks sure kept me competitive!

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