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Next Stop on this Road Trip #Seaworld #RoadTrip

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One of our favorite destinations to go in Florida is Sea World. It can be quite expensive, but I have some tips to make it a little more affordable for your family. These may not be jaw dropping, but they save me hundreds each time.

Go in the off season on a weekday if you can
I plan for my kids to take a week off school to do our trip. Their teachers send homework with them and we try to get it all done before vacation starts. Otherwise, they will be working on it as we drive down.


When you go in the off season, you can purchase your tickets online that will be good for the weekday of your choice and considerably cheaper than the on season tickets(I saved about $30 per ticket). My plans were changed around when I had truck trouble(read about it here), so it was great to have the flexibility of any weekday tickets.

Pack a lunch
While you are restricted what size bags you are permitted inside Sea World, you can pack a lunch and leave them in your car. I always make sure I have plenty of ice packed in the cooler. Then when it’s lunch time, we get our hands stamped as we exit, go eat and return to our Sea World fun!

Drink from a water fountain
There are water fountains located all over Sea World. We asked for a cup from one of the food locations, took it to the drinking fountain and filled it up. Water is the best way to stay hydrated, especially if it’s really hot!

Ask a family member if they want to chip in as a present
Last year when we went, my parents offered to help pay as the boys’ Christmas present. I did everything I could to make their dollar stretch(which was everything listed here). Since I had saved so much, I was able to use the extra money to buy tickets for the Dolphins Up-Close Tour. We learned about where the dolphins come from, why they are there, if they can be released and so much more! We were able to feed them ourselves and a trainer showed us commands they use with the dolphins. The best part was being able to pet them! It was an experience my boys will NEVER forget!


Now once you do this, you can go and enjoy your time! There are so many rides and attractions! We love watching the Blue Horizons show. It’s amazing watching the trainers with the animals. You can see the love as they hug the dolphins after a trick they perform. Even if the animal goofs up a little, it’s not a big deal. Everyone laughs and the show goes on.


One of the parrots decided to fly up into a tree to hang out instead of landing on the trainer’s arm up in the crowd. The trainer patiently waited(right next to us) for the bird to show up, but when the next part of the show came, he headed down out of the stands without the bird. I kept watch as the parrot finally decided to make his way back down to his trainer.


The last part of the show, when the parrots made their way back into the performance, the trainer then had 3 parrots(while the other trainer still only had his 2). I like to speculate it was because they had a back up in case the other decided to go watch the show again from his tree branch. Whatever the reason, it was a great show!

My boys love having these opportunities and I love being able to pro.vide them with them! It melts my heart every time I hear them tell me, “You’re the best mom ever!”.



I was provided with admission to Sea World to help share my ideas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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