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Nature Hike Fun~Finding Mushrooms

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I like to go on nature hikes. Not only does it help clear my head, it’s great exercise. Some of my greatest(and not so great) ideas come to me when I’m walking! I live in Wisconsin and we have state parks all over the place. A state park admission sticker is required to get into all of our state parks. So I make sure to get one at the beginning of the year because we do a lot of our family camping there.

One of my favorites is Harrington Beach. It has a beautiful quarry with a trail that goes around the entire thing. If there has been enough rain, you can see a little waterfall. The wild life is so protected there, it knows us humans won’t hurt them. When you see them, they don’t run off. I actually had one follow me and my 2 dogs for over half a mile on the road! It honestly started to scare me a bit because I didn’t want to be on one of those “Wild Animal Attacks” shows.



I also like walking on Zillmer Trails out in the Kettle Moraine. There are various loops that are marked for you to choose your walking adventure. If you are like me, you’ll choose multiple loops because it is so beautiful there!

When I’m walking, you might not always find me on the trail. I like to head off the path to hunt for wild mushrooms! In spring, I’m looking for the elusive Morel. In fall, I am looking for the brightly colored Chicken of the Woods mushroom.

Finding an edible mushroom of any kind is so exciting! It’s what gets any mushroom hunter back the next year. You’ll obviously want to make sure you correctly identify any mushroom found in the wild. Some poisonous ones look just like the edible ones. I have done a lot of research myself and have had other experienced mushroom hunters help confirm my finds.

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon these beautiful Chicken of the Woods! The colors are so vibrant! Searching for wild mushrooms in the woods would be a great educational trip for any kid. My 8 year old was super excited when he found his first Morel! Get out there and see what you can find. Even if they aren’t edible, they can be so much fun to search for!



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