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My Favorite time of the Month-Coupon reset day!

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What is coupon reset day? It is the first day of the month when manufacturers reset the print limits on coupons. It is also the day they add new coupons, so check back throughout the day to make sure you haven’t missed any!

I like to print the ones I know I will use right away because I don’t want to take the chance of the print limit being reached and they run out before I get my chance. You can also print each coupon twice. You might think the coupon is gone after printing it once, but it’s just moved to the last page in most cases. There are times when you can only print it once, but those are pretty rare. Even ones that say print limit 1, usually have another print available.

My favorite places to get coupons are from, and I get asked all the time, “But if I print my coupons from Walmart, don’t I have to use them there?”. No, you do not. They are manufacturer coupons that have a “remit to” address on them. Anyone who accepts coupons will take these. There is another rare occurrence where it says “Redeemable only at”, which makes it just that. But there is also another wording similar, “Redeem at”, that can be used anywhere since it doesn’t say “only”.

You will have an initial download of coupon printing software when you go to one of these sites, but once you download it from one, it will work with the others. There may also be a pop up on the top of your screen asking you to allow the running of the software. You also need to click on that, but once you do for each website, you shouldn’t have to do it again.

Another thing that happens on the first of the month is the offer reset on Savingstar. You can read all about it in my previous post, Save with Savings Apps. It is my absolute favorite savings app for my smartphone. I click all my new offers I’m interested in today, and don’t have to think about them again until I use them. If you allow push notifications, they will notify you when new coupons become available. It’s super easy!

A neat trick I also found, is my iPad can print coupons from the app! If you have an HP wireless printer, it will find it and send your coupons straight to it! No additional printer app download required! Sometimes, mine will glitch and say there is no printer available(at this point, I call it a liar). I just back out of the print screen and go back to it, then it’s fine. Printer available!

Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends if they can print coupons for you! If I find that special coupon that I need a ton of, I have my mom, mother in law and friends on stand-by. Try not to abuse it though. Remember, they have to use their ink and paper, so it’s nice to give them a little treat as a thank you every now and then. Or if they need a print that you won’t use, it’s nice to return the favor!

When it comes time for me to print the coupons, I make sure my printer is set to black ink only or gray scale. If it’s just set to black and white, it will still use color ink. Crazy right?! I also print on the back side of scrap papers I get from my son’s school. He always has tons of papers sent home in his folder about school events. As long as they aren’t crumpled up or wrinkled, I save them for putting into my printer for coupons. The store doesn’t care that it may be pink or green. I think it’s fun handing over a bunch of brightly colored coupons!

Do you have tips that help you print coupons? Feel free to comment them below! Happy couponing!!


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