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My Deal at the Dentist

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I’ll admit it. I do not like the dentist. I’ve never had a terrible experience, I just am not thrilled about having someone root around in my mouth. So it’s been a while since I’ve been to one.

I recently HAD to go because I was having some pretty good tooth pain, pain you can’t ignore. The sucking-air-in-my-mouth-and-my-tooth-hurts kind of pain. I googled dentists in my area. Who to choose? There are so many! I decided to go for the one that looked like a good location in an area I am familiar with.

I walk in, with my 4 year old in tow, and check in. They were so friendly and asked if it would be alright for my son to play video games while I filled out paperwork. I asked him if he wanted to play games or go with me….you guess his answer. So as he gets to have fun, I start with all the non fun stuff.

And the questions start….when was your last dentist appointment? September 11. You know THE September 11. I told you, it’s been a WHILE.

After all the questions, I get into the chair for about 100 x-rays. Ok, it might have been more like 10, but it felt like 100. The hygienist starts the cleaning. She’s counting and using words I had no idea the meaning of. Normally, they let you watch tv, but wouldn’t you know it? Cable was out that day. Lucky me!

Then the dentist comes in and starts the counting while using alien words too. I said I should learn the dentist jargon so I could speak their native tongue. He just asked, “Why?”. Guess my humor was lost on him. The paperwork lady did warn me he didn’t have much of a sense of humor.

I finally find out I have cavities. So that’s what that pain was… I make my appointment to get them filled in about 3 weeks. Yup, I had to live with it a while longer. I can manage. I’ve given birth twice and the epidural wore off for my last one. I got this!

Fast forward to today. I get a call from the dentist. He had some openings in his schedule today and if I could work it into my schedule, I could get my work done. That’s when I start thinking, “Oh boy, today? Am I ready for this? Do I want to do this or give myself another week to prepare??”

Then she said those magical words any couponer wants to hear, “We’ll give you a $50 discount if you come today.”

SOLD!!! I will be on my way to the dentist in about half an hour. Wish me luck!! Hopefully I look this happy when I’m done!



Gotta get this smile back in tip top shape!! I most likely will not remember to take selfies at the dentist. If I do, I’ll edit to add some.

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