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Mini Halloween Fruit PEEPS-za’s(aka fruit pizza)

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Every year, a friend of mine has a big Halloween bash. Dressing in costume and bringing a dish to pass is a required! Last year, I dressed up as the crazy couponer. My hair was a mess, my make-up was all over my face, I had on my cereal branded shirt and my “purse” was FULL of coupons. People loved looking at my purse, which was made from a reusable grocery bag and I wrote “Gucci” on it in bold black marker. Everyone got a kick out of it!

I never like taking a repeat dish along, so I try to think up something new AND kid friendly. I recently couponed a bunch of sugar cookie mix and the idea of fruit pizza came to mind. I decided to go with individual cookies and put one of the new Peeps in Halloween colors on top.

To make these, I used:

  • bag of Halloween Peeps
  • red and green grapes-washed, dried and cut in half(I ended up cutting mine in half again because they were huge!)
  • mandarin orange segments-drained and dried on paper towel
  • Cool Whip Frosting-Vanilla flavored(regular Cool Whip would be good too, but I like the texture of the Frosting. You can find it in the freezer section near the Cool Whip.)
  • baked sugar cookies

20140917_124655 20140917_125526



After the sugar cookies have cooled and your frosting has thawed, put a nice layer of frosting on your cookies. Place a peep in the middle and arrange fruit around it. That’s it! Super easy and delicious!

20140917_125328 20140917_125313


I almost didn’t get pictures because my 4 year old couldn’t wait to try them! His brother has to wait to get home from school for his. At least he won’t have to wait until the party!


 *I received Peeps to create my recipe. All opinions are my own!

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