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Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

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I have watched the Marvel’s Avenger: Age of Ultron trailer about 20 times now! I can’t get enough! I am a super huge fan of the Avengers! It’s always action packed and keeps me at the edge of my seat!! I think I’ll have a Marvel Movie day today. Did I mention I love the Avengers?!

I’m not the only one who loves them. My youngest son is going to be Iron Man this Halloween for the 2nd year in a row! And, no it’s not the same costume. He wore the other one until it turned into rags. My oldest is going to be Captain America. Now if only I could talk my hubby into being Thor and I could be Black Widow…we would totally be set!


I have no doubt this movie will be just as awesome as the first!! All my favorite superheroes packed into one movie, who can resist? Waiting until May 1, 2015 is going to be tough! (Anyone else just set themselves a reminder in their calendar?)


Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure. 

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Shoot to Thrill just came on the radio! How PERFECT is that?!?!


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