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Lower Back Pain? Try Valedo!! #Valedo

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I have had lower back pain since my early 20’s. I remember the first time I threw my back out. I thought I was paralyzed. The pain was IMMENSE! I was on muscle relaxers and pain killers for weeks. I was so scared it would happen again.
Ever since then, my back has not been the same. Fast forward to when I was in the motorcycle accident and my ankle was broken. After I healed, my leg was much shorter. This created my back problems to be more often because my body was trying to compensate for standing at an angle.
I started seeing a chiropractor and she helped immensely. After I was on my once a month schedule, there were times when I felt like I could use a little something when my back was a sore.


I was given the opportunity to try Valedo. (Valedo is a pair of devices that work with an app to help you strengthen your lower back with exercises.) It came in the mail and I tore it open to get started right away! I read the instructions and charged it up. While it was doing that, I downloaded the app on my iPad(you need a 3 or newer. Also works on the iPhone 5 and newer.). The setup was super easy. It walks you right through everything.



As soon as my devices were charged, I put the double sided tape on them and stuck them on my body in the locations specified(center of your upper chest and center of your lower back). Then I calibrated them with the movements the app asked me to do and I was all set to start!


I gotta say, the app is super addicting! It is a fun little game that has challenges you must complete to move on to new levels. It also opens new moves for you to try when you complete the last mission.
I love that it isn’t a sterile game with boring facts. The game was so inviting, my boys wanted to give it a whirl! I’m sure I’ll make them profiles one day, but until then, this is my “game”!
You can do the game as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. I like it so much, I’ll get lost in “playing” it and will have spent an hour on my back exercises without even realizing it. There are options for every level too! Some are standing exercises, some are sitting and some are kneeling. It’s completely up to you and what you feel like doing!


I recently took a road trip to Florida from Wisconsin. I drove for 12 hours one day and 10 hours the next. The one thing I did not plan for was the soreness all the driving would create in my back. I was so busy planning the trip and packing for myself and sons, I didn’t even think to pack my Valedo.
I was so sorry I didn’t! My back was not the same the whole trip. I really was not looking forward to the drive back, knowing I would definitely have the same trouble. When I got back, I couldn’t wait to get my Valedo out. I was even more sore from the return trip! I don’t know if I was a little more tense because of some bad traffic we hit or what. Whatever it was, it didn’t agree with my back at all.
I will NEVER leave for a trip without it again! Check it out at
I was provided with Valedo to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own!
Here are some details from their website.

Product details

Valedo is an ideal medical device for those who care about lower back health. By training only minutes a day, Valedo’s game-like exercises can help you improve movement awareness, restore motion to vertebral joints and redevelop deep muscles in your back. With Valedo you can benefit from 45 therapeutic exercises that can lead to a reduction of non-specific lower back pain (LBP). Whether at home, in the office or while travelling, specially developed therapeutic exercises in combination with motivating games ensure a fun, effective and uncomplicated training experience.

Specifically, Valedo is intended for people who:

  • Have non-specific LBP* and wish to strengthen their muscles to increase spinal stability and long-term pain relief
  • Want more responsibility for their own health using the latest technology
  • Are searching for a device to enhance their current therapy
  • Are therapists treating others and are looking for a system to improve patient compliance, motivation and qualified information exchange

*Non-specific lower back pain – pain not attributable to a recognizable pathology (e.g. fracture, inflammation, infection, tumor, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).

Key benefits:

  • FDA listed medical device
  • Motivational therapeutic exercises
  • Use it anytime with only seconds to setup
  • Developed by movement scientists and physiotherapists
  • Performance feedback on exercises

The Valedo set consists of

  • 2 sensors with latest low-energy Bluetooth Smart Technology
  • 100 medical attachment tapes
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • Portable case
Tablet: For iPad 3rd generation and higher (including iPad Mini), iPad 4 generation recommended.
Smartphone: For iPhone 5 and higher.
Software: Minimum iOS 6.1. We recommend iOS 7.1 and higher.

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