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Locker Room Show in Green Bay, WI 11-11-14 #Packers

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My 8 year old, had an AMAZING opportunity with his football team! They got to go to the live taping of the Locker Room show at Purcell’s Lounge! Purcell’s Lounge is located inside the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in Green Bay, WI.


The doors open at 5pm and the show starts at 6:30pm. I recommend getting there nice and early because it fills up fast when all the fans make their way in! Luckily, reservations were made to accommodate our large group. When we got there, we paid $10 for adults and $5 for kids. This included food and drinks. They had very kid friendly drinks too! Which I LOVE since I don’t allow my boys to drink soda.


Just before the show started, someone came around with slips of paper and asked if anyone had questions they’d like to ask. Caden said he did, so we wrote it down and handed it back to her.

Two minutes before the show started, they had the kids line up in 2 rows(with some help from this mom!) for Ahman Green(host and retired Green Bay Packer) and Davante Adams(Green Bay Packer Wide Receiver) to walk through as they made their way to the set.



At this taping, hosts Burke Griffin and Ahman Green interviewed Davante Adams about the recent game and what he learns from other players. It was so cool watching the boys keep their attention focused on the show in front of them. They were very interested in what these pro football players had to say!


During one of the commercial breaks, they announced the names of the people who got to ask their question. Caden’s name was called! I hurried him down to where they needed him. They gave him his paper and lined him up with a couple of his other friends whose names were also chosen.


The show started back up and Caden was the first one to ask his question!! It was awesome listening to Davante Adams give his answer. Caden loved every second of it! They were able to fit one more question in, which happened to be from one of Caden’s teammates. The 2 boys got an autographed picture from Ahman Green for having their questions asked on air!

Check out the video of their questions HEREĀ and the response Davante Adams gives.

When the show was over, Ahman Green and Davante Adams sat down to sign autgraphs and take pictures with fans. They were so great about having the kids there! It was such a fun experience for everyone!



Sometimes they know who their guest will be for the next week’s show, sometimes not. Make sure to check out for all the latest information(and previously recorded clips!).

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