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Hostess GloBalls Jack-O-Lanterns

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My boys wanted a snack and a fun project to do. I was trying to think of something in the theme of Halloween since it’s right around the corner. I spied the box of Halloween Hostess GloBalls on the kitchen table and thought, what could we do with those?

My 4 year old said, “Let’s make them into Jack-O-Lanterns!”

I started rummaging through the cabinets for what might work and found:

  • chocolate chips
  • chocolate spread or peanut butter
  • writing icing(optional, I found this last Halloween on clearance. Pretty much lasts forever.)
  • Hostess GloBalls


Put a little chocolate spread into a bowl. Pour some chocolate chips into another bowl. This helps keep the chocolatey fingers out of the bag.

wpid-20141026_114527.jpg wpid-20141026_114801.jpg

Dip the pointy end of the chocolate chip in the chocolate spread for “glue” and push it firmly into the GloBall in the desired location. My 8 year old was having a lot of fun with this, making ears and other extra features.

wpid-20141026_115002.jpg wpid-20141026_115436.jpg

Use writing icing to create a stem or mustache or eyebrows…it’s your Jack-O-Lantern, get creative!

My boys gobbled these up quicker than they made them! And they had so much fun creating their master pieces!!

wpid-20141026_115652.jpg wpid-20141026_115702.jpg

I was provided with Hostess GloBalls to create my recipe. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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