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Homemade Captain America Shield

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My 8 year old wanted to be Captain America for Halloween. Sure! No problem! I’ll just order the costume off Amazon for $7 and have it shipped free with Prime. We’re good to go!

Until we got the costume and I realized it didn’t come with a shield! I guess I should have read the description a little better. Oops!

I get back on Amazon and start searching for the shield. It was over $12! Ummm, not happening! My kid would have that thing busted up before it was even Halloween. I had to tell him the bad news. He would have to be Captain America without the shield. He was pretty upset. How can you be Captain America without the shield?

I opened my mouth and said, “Don’t worry Buddy, we’ll make you one!”. I had no idea how I was going to make it happen, but now I had to! I can’t disappoint him any more than he already was.

Every day, he asked if we were going to make his shield yet. Each day, I had to pretend I was super busy with something else because I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I knew I needed cardboard, but I didn’t know if we had anything big enough.

Finally, I saw this big empty white box I had just gotten a shipment in. Perfect! I’ll just cut a circle out of the bottom and we won’t need white paint.(A white pizza box would be ideal!)

Now I needed templates for the circles. My compass from 10th grade math didn’t quite open up that big. My husband goes out into the back hall and brings in a 5 gallon bucket. That was just the right size! I drew the outline and carefully cut it out.

Now for the inner circles. I thought of dinner plates, but they didn’t quite fit proportionately. I open my container drawer and found all my circle container tops. I found 3 that made the spaces for the circles perfectly!


I carefully held down my largest lid in place and lightly traced it with a pencil. Next, I did the medium lid and lastly the small lid. I had to free hand the star. I didn’t want to find a template because my boys were getting impatient by this time.


I put out some newspaper, got out the tempera paint and sponge brushes from projects we did over summer. My boys were watching me like hawks as I painted the outside circle red. “Great Job, Mom!” “You are the best Mom ever!” and “That looks soooooo cooool!” was all I heard the whole time, as I tried not to let every wiggle of the table make me go out of my lines.


I let the paint dry a few minutes between changing colors and adding additional coats. I didn’t want to mix colors! I put 3 coats of paint on and was pretty happy with the end result!


My boys loved it! They thought the dirty marks from shipping the box made the shield look like it was already in battle!

I saved a thick strip of the box to duct tape to the back of the shield so he can slide his arm in and out. I made sure it was big enough for him to wear his winter jacket under it. It’s supposed to be really cold this Halloween.

After Halloween, we can cut the strip off, make it shorter and tape it back on. He’ll play with that thing until it turns to pulp!


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