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Holiday Peeps Chocolate Covered Mini Spoons

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I’m always trying to think of crafty ideas that are inexpensive and simple to make for holiday parties. This year, I have 2 boys in school which means I’ll need to get craftier and cheaper! We did a test run on these and my boys loved them! I hope their classmates do too!

We made Holiday Peeps Chocolate Covered Spoons to use in hot cocoa. It is super easy and relatively cheap. Even if you aren’t a couponer like me. It should still cost about $10 for enough to make 27 or more mini spoons.


You’ll need:

  • Holiday Peeps(there is a great selection of Holiday Trees, Snowmen or even Gingerbread Men)
  • 1/2 cup of your choice of chocolate(I used 8 leftover snack sized Hershey bars from Halloween which makes them free!)
  • Plastic mini spoons(I got silver plastic mini spoons from the dollar store. Regular sized spoons may need more chocolate and a larger bag.)
  • 3 boxes of hot cocoa packets(I couponed mine, so they were all free!)

Feel free to do less than these amounts. I actually have to do more because I am making enough spoons for almost 40 kids.

Place a piece of parchment or wax paper on a cookie sheet or cutting board. This will help transferring it into the fridge easier. By the way, make sure you have space in the fridge.

Put most of the chocolate in a small microwave safe bowl. If you are using candy bars, break them up first. I left 1 snack sized bar out. Microwave on high for 45 seconds. Take out of the microwave and stir, it should have some solid pieces of chocolate in it. Put the rest of your chocolate in the bowl and continue stirring until everything is melted and smooth.

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Dip each spoon, so the entire bottom part is covered in chocolate. Lightly shake off the excess and place it on the parchment paper. Continue doing this for all the spoons.


I added some leftover mini M&M’s to mine by placing 2 in the warm chocolate on the spoons. The kids thought it was fun and festive!

Put the cookie sheet in the fridge for the chocolate to set. Mine took about 20 minutes.

While waiting for the spoons to be ready. You can start getting your supplies for bag decoration.


I used:

  • Leftover clearance wrapping paper from the year before
  • Craft scissors to give it a fancy edge(regular scissors works great too!)
  • A stapler(make sure your kids don’t use up all your silver staples so you have to use blue staples like me)
  • Snack sized zip top storage bags(couponed mine and paid $0.25 or something crazy cheap)

I cut a strip of wrapping paper about 4 inches wide. It was enough to fold it in half over the top part of the bag to completely cover the zipper.

Take the chocolate covered spoons out of the fridge. Now it’s time to add your Holiday Peeps! I used the Snowmen for this round. I pushed the non-chocolate end of the spoon about an inch into the bottom of the snowman.


When you have completed adding your Peeps, you can put them in bags. Take one packet of hot cocoa mix and put it on the backside of the bag with the seal above the zipper.

Now, staple the wrapping paper strips to the top of the bag. Make sure you staple above the zipper and through the seal of the cocoa packet. You don’t want to pierce either bag and have them leak or be exposed to air. I used 3 staples, 1 on each end and 1 in the middle.


My boys loved them and can’t wait to share with their friends at school! They also couldn’t wait to try the tasty treat themselves! This is our #PEEPSONLITY! What’s yours?


As an added side thought here, I just HAVE to mention…if you are lucky enough to find Hot Cocoa and Cream Peeps…they are DELICIOUS!! I recommend trying them at least once in your life! I know I will be trying them again and again and again….



Make sure you stay up to date with Peeps at:

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The PEEPS® product, information and gift have been provided by Just Born Quality Confections. All thoughts and opinions are always my own!

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  • Tiffany says:

    This is a great idea!. I have made the chocolate spoons before but never thought of adding the peeps to the top of the spoon. Thank you

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