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Halloween Snack Mix~Only 2 Ingredients!

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This has become a family favorite. It all started a few years ago when my friend, Bonnie, turned me onto this stuff. The first time I had it, I almost at the whole bowl myself!

This makes an awesome throw-in-a-bowl party pleaser that really takes no preparation. Your guests will hover around that bowl until it’s empty. Or do what I do and just grab the whole bowl and walk around(eating it by myself, but pretending to share).

I’ve switched it up a bit this time. Originally, you needed Indian Corn candy corn. NOT regular candy corn, it’s just won’t be the same. I guess if you really like regular old candy corn, you could do it. But trust me, you at least need to do Indian Corn if you can’t find the kind I used.

All you need is:

  • 14oz container of your favorite dry roasted peanuts(I love Fisher and get absolutely no endorsement or credit for saying so. I just love them!!)
  • 9oz bag of S’mores Candy Corn(or Indian Corn if you can’t find S’mores)


Mix it all around in a bowl and done. Super easy, right?

Now, there ARE instructions for eating it. You can’t just pick out the pieces separately and pop them into your mouth. What would the point of the mix be? You must have 2-3 peanuts per 1 candy corn. Toss them into your mouth and chew.(Hey, I never said the directions were complicated.)

Try not to eat it all up before your guests arrive! I make it for more than just Halloween. Sometimes, no one else knows I make it. I have it hidden away for my guilty snacking pleasure…


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