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Gingerbread Man School Project Complete, But Not Because of My Creativity

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The last few weeks, I have been playing catch up. We had gone on vacation, had a fun time(snags included), but recovering from vacation always seems the longest process of it all. There’s always 10 extra loads of laundry(plus the ones you currently have), cleaning to be done(how does the house get messy when no one is home?), emails to return, posts to write, dogs to give extra attention to, snow to shovel….it’s never ending!


One of those days, my 4 year old brought home a project to complete. I think he was given a week and a half until it needed to be returned. I threw it on my to do pile and continued with all my other things I was currently working on.

I admit, I completely forgot about it until…Chase brings home his newsletter. I read it and the words “12/8-Gingerbread people are due back to school”. Oh shoot! That was tomorrow!

I was still trying to do a million things that day, so I found his gingerbread man and told him to ask Dad to help him. I start thinking about all the supplies I need to get out for his project. I’ve gotta find the glue, scissors, glue stick, glitter, ribbons, buttons, stickers…

“Where’s the tape?”, my husband asks from the kitchen.

“What do you need tape for? I’ll get you glue and glue sticks. Do you want cereal shapes to glue on too? What about all the other stuff?”, I replied.

“I just need tape.”, he says. Ok, fine. I’ll give him just tape and see what he comes up with. I went back to vacuuming, folding laundry, chores, chores and more boring chores. I went back in to check on the progress. Both my hubby and Chase look at me pretty satisfied with themselves.

I look at the gingerbread man and saw him completely done! They took candy from the Halloween stash to make his facial features, legs, arms and body. It was actually pretty creative! It was a great use of candy we don’t really need to eat!


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