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Getting Ready for Baby

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The last couple of weeks, we spent talking about what needed to be done to make the toy room into a baby room. It definitely needed a fresh coat of paint. And the carpet….well, let’s just say it should have been replaced long ago. The boys have been super rough on that room so we left it all be until they would be old enough to no longer need a toy room.

Now that we need the room for their baby sister, their toys have been kicked out and their bedroom rearranged to make everything fit. That was definitely not an easy task since they are both budding hoarders. I really need to break them of that habit…

Once the room was emptied, I asked my husband what he thought of ripping out the tattered and stained carpet. He said he didn’t want to. So, what does this wife do? I went to the store and picked out the laminate(on sale) for him to install.

A few more days go by and I finally think I have a paint color in mind for the room. I was definitely going with a darker pink! I took my boys with me and hit the store, heading straight for the paint section. So many pink options…and then I noticed the pretty purples. Holding all the paint samples side by side, I started second guessing my thoughts for pink. What if the pink would be too much? What if she grows up hating pink? What about this purple? Is it too dark??

I took the plunge and chose a paint. The whole time I was thinking, “I really hope this is the right color…”. Later that night, my hubby came home from work and I took him the paint samples for him to guess which one he thought I chose. He looks long and hard at the 5 I have him. “Definitely not this one.” as he throws aside the one I chose. I didn’t even let him go on, I just said, “That’s too bad, that’s the one I chose.”.

The next day, he came home early from work and tore out the carpet while I was at the store(scoring some great clearance baby and toddler girl clothes!). I had no idea he had started the work, so seeing the carpet on the front lawn when I pulled in was quite a shocker!


Might as well dive right into the work!! I put all my bags away and changed clothes. I started painting around all the edges and trim. I was about half finished with the edge work when my hubby came in to ask what we were doing for supper. I said I wanted to get the first coat on before we left so we could see what was missed. Then I told him to grab the roller and get painting so we could go out to eat sooner! He didn’t skip a beat and started rolling!


The boys were watching the whole time, wondering if dad would catch up to mom or if mom would finish first. I’d have to say it was a tie even though the boys might say differently. We bagged up the roller and brush before heading out to eat.


When we got back, we could see some of the lighter areas and did touch ups. That’s when we noticed the wall our 5 year old had drawn on with a pencil when he was 2…the pencil was showing through. Ok, rolled on coat number 2. That should do it!

Nope, a few hours later the pencil was showing through again. Brushed on some more paint. Again, showed through. Did another coat and left it for the night. In the morning, I still saw it! The pencil wasn’t giving up! Coat 5 went on and that’s where I left it. The war between us was over. The marks were really light at this point, I don’t think anyone will see it unless I point it out to them.



I prepped the floor for the laminate. My hubby wasn’t really excited about doing it, but also didn’t put up a fuss. He started laying the first pieces with the boys helping. It all ended up going pretty smoothly. After he saw the project complete, he was really proud of his work! We sat back and admired the new room. The purple I chose for the walls looked great with the laminate I picked for the floor!



Now it’s time to get everything put away in the room and we’ll be set! It’s starting to feel real and we’ll soon be adding a baby girl to our family!

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