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Disney Planes Dusty Helps Santa Save Christmas Relay Activity #PlanesToTheRescue

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My 4 year old’s favorite movie right now is Disney Planes. Dusty is absolutely his favorite character! He’s always having some sort of imagination play with all of his Planes toys. So when I remembered no one had signed up to do the game at his winter party this year(I was already in charge of the treat), I started brainstorming to see what I could come up with featuring Dusty.

I started by looking online to see what I could find for Planes toys that wouldn’t be terribly expensive. I found a LOT of Planes toys on Rollback at Walmart. There were quite a few reasonable options. I had an idea in mind, now to see if these toys would be the right size! I went to my Walmart to check out the selection.(Yes, I really call it “my Walmart”. Anyone who ever asks, “Which Walmart did you go to?”, I’ll say, “My Walmart.”. And there are 2 Walmarts in my town, but only one is mine. Ha!)



Obviously, I took my 4 year old with me to help choose the toys. I needed a professional’s opinion. I found some of the toys we saw online in the toy department, but didn’t see the Rollback signs. I looked closer at the price tags and saw a small “R” in a yellow square. Behind that tag was the tag with the previous price. Ah ha! The little “R” must mean Rollback! We(mainly he) decided to go with 2 Dusty die cast planes that were on Rollback from $5.86 to $4.97.


He was also checking out a few other Disney Planes items that were also on Rollback. He really wanted to get either the Disney Planes Flight to the Finish Speedway on Rollback to $24.97, Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Die-Cast Vehicles 3-Pack Rollback to $14.97, or Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Deluxe Talking Vehicle Assortment on Rollback to $19.97 for himself. I’m thinking they might have to turn up under the Christmas tree as presents!(Grandma and Grandpa…are you listening?! Hint hint, wink wink!)


Dusty Helps Santa Save Christmas Relay Activity

Santa needs Dusty to help save Christmas! Dusty’s job is to fill Santa’s bags(paper bags) with presents(marshmallows). The faster Dusty helps Santa, the sooner Christmas is saved!

What you need:

  • 2 – Disney Planes Die Cast Characters Asst(on Rollback to $4.97)
  • 1 or 2 bags of mini marshmallows(I used snowmen and candy cane striped minis)
  • 2 paper bags(I found festive paper bags in the holiday section for $0.27 each. Feel free to decorate your own brown paper bags.)
  • Bowl to put marshmallows in
  • Timer(I used the timer in my phone, no need to buy anything fancy!)
  • Prizes(I bought fruit snacks to give to everyone.)


At your start line, place the bowl of marshmallows on the floor with a Disney Plane on each side.


Make the finish line about 15 feet away from the start line. Place the 2 paper bags there. Make sure to leave enough space between the bags so the kids aren’t tripping over one another. Pull each bag open and check to see if they stay open nice and wide.


Start with 2 kids. Have each kid place a marshmallow on top of the wing of their plane.(My boys were giving themselves a challenge with 2 marshmallows. One on each wing.)


Set your timer for 30 seconds. When you say “Planedeer”(Like that? I thought it was funny…ok, moving on.), the kids must balance their marshmallow all the way down and dump it in the bag. Optional: If they drop the marshmallow, they pick it up and go back to the start line to try again.



After dumping the marshmallow in the bag, they go back for another and repeat. The kid who gets the most marshmallows in the bag before the timer goes off, wins!(Don’t worry, all the kids are winners! Everyone gets a bag of fruit snacks!)

Reset the game for the next 2 kids by dumping the marshmallows back into the bowl and starting your timer over. Repeat until all the kids have had a turn!


  • Try balancing more than one marshmallow
  • Try walking on your knees
  • Make the distance a little farther
  • Adjust the time


My boys had a blast trying this game out for me! I think their favorite part was eating some of the marshmallows at the end! Do you have any suggestions to make this game more fun?

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