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Did I Really Just Crack My Phone Screen? #MaxYourTax

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Do you ever see someone walking around with a busted up screen on their phone and wonder why they don’t just get a new one? I used to, until I actually dropped my phone and my screen cracked. No big deal, I’ll just call and ask what it costs to replace the glass. $200??? Did they think I wanted to buy a new phone?! I thought that was crazy! Another place I called was worse at $300!

I admit though, it wasn’t my first phone drop. Not even my 2nd. Heck, the first day I had gotten the phone, I was riding a scooter(trying to show my 4 year old how to make it go) and had my phone in the front pocket of my oversized sweatshirt. It fell out as I scooted along and I kicked it, sending it skidding along the pavement. I thought for sure it was a goner.

Not even a scratch on the screen. The next time, I had it in my outer purse pocket and accidentally tipped my purse over as I got out of my truck. There go all the contents of my purse, spilling out onto the driveway with sharp, jagged gravel. I reached down for my phone, no harm done! Just a little dust.

Another time, I was at the grocery store, going to check my coupons with phone in hand, when I hit it on the cart handle, knocking out of my hand and sent it flying across produce. I closed my eyes and went to pick it up. Still perfect! I was beginning to think my phone was invincible!


This drop was special though, I wasn’t even juggling 30 bags of groceries with my keys in one hand and phone in the other. I wasn’t out on one of my 8 mile walks, get home and notice it was no longer in my pocket(dropped it on the side of the road, luckily no one ran it over. And even luckier, I found it!). I didn’t hand it to my kids to play with and they toss it on the ground.


Nope, I just dropped it. No explanation. It just fell out of my hand. How does that happen? I’m not even sure to this day. Honestly, with all the drops it’s been through, I never even thought twice when it happened.

That’s when I saw it…the screen…cracked! I wanted to cry. I was now one of those people who would have to walk around with a busted up screen. Or would I?


Now that it’s tax refund time, it is the perfect time to upgrade that busted up phone! I went to check out my options at Walmart. There were a lot of great phones, but I had to go with the Samsung Galaxy Avant. I’ve had a Galaxy in the past, so there was no learning curve. It was originally $199 marked down to $149. A new phone for less than the cost of a screen replacement? Yes please!!


Since I was already a Walmart Family Mobile customer, it was super easy to activate. All I had to do was swap out the SIM card from my other one and I was good to go! It really was that easy! I still pay $29.88 a month for an Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data.


I’m also thinking of getting the ZTE Zinger for my almost 9 year old’s birthday. It has a new price of $19.84 (it was $39.88). It would be a great practice phone!! We’ve been talking to him about the importance of knowing how to use a phone for emergencies. Using this phone as our extra line would be perfect!

Do you have plans to use your tax refund for a new phone?

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One thought on “Did I Really Just Crack My Phone Screen? #MaxYourTax

  • Danielle says:

    While I’ve been blessed with never having a cracked screen (even though I drop my phone all the time *knocks on wood*) I have had my phone drop in the toilet like 3 times (3 different phones). An affordable back up plan is definitely good to have. Love that these great smartphones fit my budget. #client

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