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Date Night~New Year’s Resolution List Started #YoursandMine #Ad

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It’s time to start thinking of His and Hers resolutions for the New Year. I’m sure my husband will have “Get more tools” as his number 1, but mine will be slightly different. Ok, it will be completely different. I don’t think tools will come anywhere near my list(unless my hubby starts adding his to mine). I would like to have more Date Nights.

We always have our kids with us. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! Our kids are actually very well behaved in restaurants. I believe it’s because we have taken them everywhere with us since they were born. But there are times when my husband and I would like to talk to each other without playing tic tac toe on the menu.

These date nights help us reconnect as a couple and regain some of our intimacy. We have been married over 10 years and together for more than 12. There have been times of….dry spells. You know, when all you do is change diapers, get spit up on, listen to crying all day, do laundry, clean the house, take care of the dogs, wash dishes, prepare meals, vacuum, do more laundry, rinse, lather, repeat(and you wish the last part meant your hair, but we all know you haven’t showered all week).

So the last thing you feel like doing is getting intimate with your partner. But I have a plan to change that! We are going to spice things up a little bit! No, I’m not talking about anything dirty. I’m talking about a little extra something to add to our fun. I found K-Y® YOURS+MINE at my Walmart and thought it would be fun to try!


It was located in the family planning section at my Walmart, super easy to find. Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable buying it. You can order it online at and no one will know(I won’t tell…cuz really, how will I know what you’re doing?).


I can’t wait to try it out on our first date night of the new year, which also will happen to be my birthday(Shout out to all the day after New Year’s babies!!). To start our date night off right, I will have a plate of Red Velvet Kiss Cookies ready and waiting! Then we’ll head out for dinner, come back for a movie, have a few more cookies…and then some much needed alone time.


Watch for this great deal from K-Y® coming soon! Purchase the special edition K-Y® DATE NIGHT pack and your box will be a $50 value! It includes 1 free meal for two people from delivered to your door for an intimate night of cooking together, a $5 VUDU movie credit for you to stream right at home and the pleasure of K-Y® YOURS+MINE Couples Lubricants. Sounds like the perfect date night in!


Make sure you check out for other ideas on how you can spice things up! What kind of things do you do on your date night? Or do you need to schedule more of them like me?


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