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Clearance Bananas=Dehydrated Bananas

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My husband has been collecting the limited edition Green Bay Packer cups found at Kwik Trip. Every 2 weeks on a Sunday, they release a new player. I was on my way home from my consult at the oral surgeon(taking the plunge and finally having my wisdom teeth removed because of all the crowding), when I drove past Kwik Trip and remembered I still needed the cup.

I head into Kwik Trip to grab the cup. I filled my cup with a beverage of my choice and walked over to the register. That’s when I notice a basket full of bananas on clearance! They weren’t pretty bananas, they were full of brown marks, but they weren’t all bruised up.

Heck yeah I’ll buy them! I will buy them all! The cashier asked if I was going to make banana bread. Nope, I’m going to dehydrate them for banana chips. She said a dehydrator is on her Christmas list. I told her that’s how I got mine!

I took my 8 pounds of bananas home and kept a few out for eating. The rest were destined for the dehydrator.


I sliced each banana into approximately 1/8 inch slices. Any thinner and they will be super hard to pull off the dehydrator when they are finished.


I spread them out on the racks in a single layer, trying not to overcrowd. There needs to be good airflow. I stacked all the racks up and set the temperature for 135F.


Every 2 hours, I rotated the racks to move the bottom ones up to the top. I ended up doing 8 hours total. I like my banana slices to be slightly soft yet and a little bendy, but not mushy. They harden more as they cool down. Let them cool completely before putting in your storage container.


A trick I learned, they are easier peel up from the rack when they are still warm. As they harden and cool, they stick a little tighter. BUT I am sometimes too busy to peel them early and do it when they have fully cooled. They still come off the rack in whole pieces.


Dehydrated bananas will not taste like the banana chips you buy from the store! The store bought banana chips are not dehydrated bananas(unless the package states so). They are actually banana slices fried in some kind of oil. Not sweet at all and I find them gross.


My dehydrated bananas won’t last long! I made 8 cups and half are already gone in less than 12 hours!(Ok, it’s probably my fault. I keep snacking on them as I check them, peel them off the rack and put them away in my mouth. I just can’t resist!)


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