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Changing My Oil After a 3,000 Mile Road Trip #DropShopandOil

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I don’t put a lot of miles on my truck on a regular basis, but when I take a road trip, I make it count. We put on at least 3,000 miles in that week. We all know we should get a routine oil change every 3,000 miles, so I should have had it done as soon as I got back. But I didn’t.

When we got back, it was a busy time. We had birthdays to go to, holiday parties to attend, more holiday gatherings, more birthdays…before I knew it, a month had gone by and I still didn’t have my oil changed.


Now that the temperature has plummeted, the last thing my hubby feels like doing is crawling around under my truck in the below freezing temperatures. I don’t blame him! I walk from the house to my truck and my hands are practically frost bitten.


We like to keep our vehicles well maintained so they last us forever. We run them until they die or start on fire, but that’s a different story. We still have our 15 year old SUV which still runs great(*knock on wood*)!! We bought it with 104,000 miles 10 years ago and it now has 149,000(See! Not a lot of miles!).

We purchased our truck brand new in 2012 and would love for it to make it just as long, if not longer than our SUV. So when I found out I could get my oil changed while shopping at Walmart, I was in!! I am all about multi-tasking. I had quite a few things I needed to shop for and this was the perfect opportunity to save my hubby from frost bite.


I pulled around the side of the building and parked. I walked into the Automotive Care Center, gave them my info(I also warned them I have remote start, don’t want someone accidentally starting it without oil!) and began my shopping.

I hit up the clearance aisles, you never know what kind of deals you’ll find. Then I started on my list of items to get. Before I knew it, I was being paged because my truck was done!

They used Pennzoil, which helps clean sludge lesser oils leave behind. Since my truck is fairly new, the conventional oil was perfect for me. It has cleaning agents to help keep contaminants from turning into deposits and affecting the engine’s performance.

Pennzoil is designed for complete protection, it will allow your car to drive an extra 550 miles per year versus a dirty engine. No other motor oil provides better protection against friction.


Now that I’m good for another 3,000 miles and gas prices keep dropping, it might be time to hit the road again!

Do you like to change your own oil or have someone do it for you?

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One thought on “Changing My Oil After a 3,000 Mile Road Trip #DropShopandOil

  • It’s so important to take car of our cars…especially in that -1°F weather! Next time that I need an oil change, I’m heading to Walmart, too. Nothing like getting some errands done while my car is taken care of! #client

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