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Best Ever Veggie Dip Tradition Saved By Walmart Unlimited Plans #HolidaysAreCalling


We do a lot of traveling during the holidays. It seems like we have unlimited stops on our way to and from everyone’s houses. I am always checking lists I make in my phone(can’t forget a single present!), setting reminders to keep on track and sending out a text to see if they need anything […]

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas #StockingStuffers


St. Nicholas Day is almost here! “What in the world is St. Nicholas Day?”, some of you may be asking. St. Nick’s Day seems to be a regional/German holiday. It isn’t recognized by all, yet in my town, I think everyone has at least heard of it, if not celebrates it. We hang up our […]

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Thirty-one Gifts Giveaway!! #GivingTuesday #GiftCatalog Ends 12-2-14

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Has everyone heard of Thirty-one Gifts yet? No?! You are definitely missing out! They are a direct sales company that sells totes, organizational items, purses, accessories and the list doesn’t stop there! My favorite item is the Large Utility Tote. I used 4 of them on my recent road trip to Florida. I was able […]

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