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Black Friday Shopping on Thanksgiving Fail #BlackFriday #Fail

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First of all, I would like to say Thanksgiving is a time for family. My family time will always come first. I will not be skipping meals or cutting out early just to score a couple of deals. I love sitting around the table and chatting as the kids play with their cousins.

We got home from visiting everyone around 8pm. I got the kids ready for bed and put away the leftovers sent home with us. I finally was able to hit the road close to 9pm. There weren’t any super hot deals I was in search for, but I love to find a hidden bargain.

First stop…Boston Store. When I pulled into the parking lot, I was going to turn down the lane to get a spot. I decided to let the guy coming out of that lane, get out before I turned in. As I kindly waved him through, another person from the opposite direction of me(who had to cross my lane of traffic) decided to hurry up and cut in front of me. If only he could have felt the daggers shooting at him from my eyes.

He took the only spot in that area and I was forced to park miles away. Ok, it wasn’t miles, it was 2 stores down, but still. I got out and hurried over so I could shoot daggers into the back of his head as we walked into the store(which I totally did). Normally, I would have said something. A lot of something, but I decided since it was the beginning of my night, I’d let it go(and just shoot the daggers).

That should have been an indication of how the rest of the night would go. I should have just gone home.

In the Boston Store flier, they had a coupon for $10 off regular and sale priced items $10 and up. I thought I could for sure find something for $10 and score it free. Oh how wrong I was!

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The list of exclusions on the back of the coupons was ridiculous! I found probably 99% of the store was on that list. Exclusions included Door Busters, clearance, yellow dot, black dot, food, drinks, this brand name, that brand name and on and on. What was left??

I found an end display with ugly candles and a sign saying “Use your $10 coupon here”. Perfect! Or so I thought! I chose the least ugly candle and headed straight to the register directly across from the display. It rang up a $10 Door Buster. Ummmm no, there was no sign saying it was a Door Buster. There was only the sign saying to use my $10 coupon.


I pointed this out the cashier…literally, I pointed at the display. She looked at it and said, yes, but it didn’t include Door Busters. That’s when I had to re-explain there was no sign saying it was a Door Buster and to use your $10 here. She asked another cashier who then tried telling me to get one of the soy candles for $10.99 and pay $0.99.

Again, no, there was no sign calling it a Door Buster, it said to use my coupon here. They both look at the display, seeing there was no Door Buster sign and seeing the sign I am talking about. I mean, it’s only 10 feet away. No one even had to move from behind the counter.

Another cashier came over and said they had to honor it because they had the wrong signage up. She proceeded to walk over there to take down the sign. They did an override on my coupon to make it work and I got my UGLY candle for FREE!

Next stop, Walmart. Every year, I get my boys the pajamas marked $4.50. Normally there are plenty to choose from and I don’t worry about it. Plus I don’t really care what characters are on them, they are just pajamas.

I pull into the parking lot and it was a ghost town. I started to feel a put in my stomach. This can’t be a good sign. I go inside and they are already cleaning up. It was only 9:30! I hurry back to the pajamas and they are picked clean. I wanted size14/16 and couldn’t find a single one. I was able to find 2 pairs of 10/12. I snatched them up and checked out. I hurried over to the other side of town to see if that Walmart was hit as bad.

I pulled in and it was also a ghost town. The pajamas were pretty well picked through, but I found more 10/12. Still not a single 14/16. I even found 3 rows of undisturbed pajamas. The highest I could find was 10/12 even thought the display said sizes 4-16. It lied. Plain and simple.

Since it was so dead, I picked up a few other coupon items that ended up being free. Always love my freebies!


Next up, Kohl’s. I was sure to find plenty there right? I did every year. Well, not this year. I spent 2 hours in that store, searching for deals. I was coming up short. I found some decent priced pajama pants to replace the ones I wasn’t able to get at Walmart. But I was hugely disappointed.

I hit all the clearance racks and got some work out clothes for me, a toy for my nephew, a book for the gift exchange in my 4 year old’s class at school and a couple stocking stuffers(some presents are not in the picture, can’t spoil the surprise!) with my 15% off. I used my $100 gift card I had and got $30 in Kohl’s cash back.


In all, I was pretty disappointed with the lack of deals out there. I know there were great ones, if you needed those sort of things. I’m currently not in the market for any electronics. I did those deals last year. How did it go for you? Were you able to snag everything on your list?

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