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Apple Peeling with a Drill! Nailed it!(Or did I?)

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By now, you’ve all seen the video for peeling an apple with a drill. If not, here it is.

Before I start, I should say this isn’t the original video I saw. But I liked this one much better. It has a better step by step instruction.

I thought I would grab my Pink drill, bits, some apples and get some easy peeling done! Oh how wrong I was…


I first tried it with a drill bit. That didn’t work, it just spun. Next I tried a screwdriver bit. It worked for about half the apple, then begun to spin again. 7 apples later, I gave up…


I pushed all the mess aside and started peeling them all by hand. Then my hubby came home and asked why my drill was out(as he picked it up and grabbed the trigger. He gravitates to tools no matter what color they are, obviously.).


I explained my intention and pointed to the mess. He said I needed a different drill bit. I said, ok, you get me the right bit and I’ll give it a whirl again. Out he went to the garage and brought in his rusty wood bits. He was about to stab one into my apple when…WAIT! Let me wash that first!!


I prepped my apple and got to it. I still didn’t know what I was doing wrong. The peel wasn’t shooting off like in the video. Did I not push hard enough? Was it not spinning fast enough? I was able to get 1 successful apple out of 10.

I gave up again and continued to peel them by hand. After chopping and throwing them in the slow cooker for applesauce(want the recipe? go here), I sat and watched the video above. Let’s give this one more shot!!


I set my drill on it’s side, like in the video, and positioned it over the sink. The peels started flying and the apple was peel free! Totally nailed it!!!(If you don’t mind half the apple being peeled away with the peel!)


I think I’ll stick to the old school way.

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