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5 Items I ALWAYS Have in My Purse #WhenImHungry

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My purse is pretty much a bottomless pit of stuff. Some stuff changes, but there are some things that will always stay the same. In addition to the usual necessities like your wallet, keys and sunglasses, these items for me are a must have! Things you never know if you’ll need them, but come in REAL handy if you do!

#1 Bandages

With kids, it’s inevitable someone is bound to fall and bounce back up…bleeding. Sometimes, it’s not even my kid! I was in line, waiting for the truck that brings us Wisconsinites the best Georgia peaches, when a little girl fell in the parking lot. She got up, saw the blood streaming down her leg and started screaming! Her mom looked at the long line of people and sighed. I could feel what she was thinking. Luckily, I was able to whip out a bandage and she was able to keep her spot in line!


#2 My Coupons

Do you know how many times I run to the store thinking, “I just need to run in and grab a few things. There’s no reason to tote my coupons along.” only to find an awesome clearance item that I have a coupon for?? Or times when something was on sale and it wasn’t advertised? It happened a lot, so now I never leave home without them.


#3 Lip Balm

It only takes a time or 2 of having dry lips with no relief to make you realize it’s a good idea to keep a tube with you at all times. I even have one for the kids(it’s dual sided so they don’t have to share the same balm).


#4 Small Flashlight

“But I have an app on my phone for that.”, you say. If it’s an emergency, I like to keep my phone battery for making calls(or posting to Facebook…ok, ok…just for calls). Having a small, good quality flashlight in my purse has come to use more than once. I was in the dark auditorium at school, waiting for my older son to start his program when my younger son dropped his cup! The spaces between the seats were really awkward, so my small flashlight worked much better than my phone. I found it really quick and didn’t bother anyone in the process!


#5 Snacks

I ALWAYS have snacks in my purse. It’s not just for the kids, it’s for me too. A couple years ago, I took my youngest son(then 3 years) to the doctor for what I thought was the start of pneumonia. It was just after lunch when I noticed he was having some trouble breathing. His pediatrician didn’t have a time available for him to come in right away, but when I described the symptoms, they told me to take him straight to the walk in or emergency room.

I decided to take him to the walk in because it was right across the hall from his pediatrician. They began testing, poking, and prodding. He was then moved into pediatrics where his pediatrician and more nurses checked him over. Next thing I know, I was told we would have to make a trip by ambulance to Children’s Hospital an hour and a half away.

More teams of doctors and nurses came and went. Taking stats, giving breathing treatments, taking more stats… He quickly responded well to the treatments. As he stabilized, he easily fell asleep while everyone kept doing their checks on him.

By the time everything had settled down, it was 11pm. I was starving! My stomach wouldn’t stop growling. The cafeteria was closed. I tried falling asleep, hoping ignoring my stomach would help. Nope, there was no stopping it. I was finally learning what the real meaning of the term “hangry” meant.


I rummaged through my purse and found a SNICKERS® bar I bought a few days earlier. I forgot it was in there!! As I sat in the dark, I quickly devoured it. My hunger pains were gone and I finally was able to get some sleep. I was so glad I had that SNICKERS®!

I always go to my local Walmart to get a replacement SNICKERS® for my purse. There are quite a few options right at the check out!


What items do you make sure you have with you at all times?

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