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December, 2014

Sweetened Dried Cranberries-Fail(But It Wasn’t a Loss!)


A few weeks ago, I decided to try dehydrating some of my free cranberries. I searched all over the internet, looking for that fool proof way to get those delicious lightly sweetened dried treats. That’s when I came upon a recipe! It said to pour boiling water over the cranberries, let them sit for 10 […]

Disney Planes Dusty Helps Santa Save Christmas Relay Activity #PlanesToTheRescue


My 4 year old’s favorite movie right now is Disney Planes. Dusty is absolutely his favorite character! He’s always having some sort of imagination play with all of his Planes toys. So when I remembered no one had signed up to do the game at his winter party this year(I was already in charge of […]

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Gingerbread Man School Project Complete, But Not Because of My Creativity


The last few weeks, I have been playing catch up. We had gone on vacation, had a fun time(snags included), but recovering from vacation always seems the longest process of it all. There’s always 10 extra loads of laundry(plus the ones you currently have), cleaning to be done(how does the house get messy when no […]

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Best Ever Veggie Dip Tradition Saved By Walmart Unlimited Plans #HolidaysAreCalling


We do a lot of traveling during the holidays. It seems like we have unlimited stops on our way to and from everyone’s houses. I am always checking lists I make in my phone(can’t forget a single present!), setting reminders to keep on track and sending out a text to see if they need anything […]

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